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  1. ANyone have any ideas for a premium boost pedal. distortion pedal. Personally through a Non Master Volume 70s or 60s head the Marshall shredmaster sounds really good . the 1991 is the first edition and better than the second edition due to certain change outs in the second edition.
  2. I agree that it is a very strong suite to pen your melody first before the lyric and vocals come in. Remember however all musicians are differant. I just finsihed up an 8 song album. Need two more really . Gonna go with two covers .Anyway. A few I start with the inpiration of a riff and the rest fell into place. However it took longer than i' d have liked it to. When I cm up with melodies four 4 of the others the chords seemes to fall into place . And then the riffs . the nthe vocals , words. Maybe not inthat exact order but yes . Melody is SOO much of it. In the end I dind my weak link to be putting it all together so i take other bands and when i find a band i like that has a song not necessarily inthe same vein as mine ill still use their skelwton outline . That is the way they put the whole song together . I find nothing wrong with that. especially if your not in the same genre . writing anything remotely cloese to their muwsic and so on. Its like a cheat sheet. I asked this guy last night as he was ,eaving my buddies bands performance . Did you remember anything you jsut heard that you cant get get out of your head for the life of you and infatically he said .....no. :>( It aint bro. I have seen bands come out of nothing write a number one hit and still have to pay their dues by touring for a while so they can get the song out ya know. thanx
  3. this is really {censored}ing hard to read orry for the quicky write up on this info. I was in a hurry. Ill re write it. sorry. j
  4. QUESTIONS ON LEE JACKSON CRATE ;It has the five shift mid range right . two channels ? any mods changes .repairs . can i PLEASE HAVE A FEW PICS OF THE INSIDE OF THE CHASSIS AND BOARD> Im very interested thankls again send them to daneswede1@att.net whats your best p[rice
  5. Before I start PLEASE INQUIRE IF YOUR INTERESTED N PICTURES OF ANY OF THE GEAR > Please serious only . I have 100% positive feedback on flea bay under daneswede MESA TRANS ATLANTIC shipped inbox and also have the Cabinet with the celestian. NEW MINT and will include one 1960s NOS MULLARD 12AX& preamp for the V1 position. This amp has a solid THICK MID RANGE thats very tight . Wonderful rhythm tone and lead tone . Push ot further with a nice CLEAN BOOST and it has ENDLESS SUTAIN forever. F/S KING OF TONE RED GAIN MOD pedal. NEW BOX PAPERS $450.00 firm. two yr wait list .1978 Ibanez Delay(ADL MODEL #) 400ms mint $120 obo 1976 Ibanez Chorus Prime Stereo pedal. switch for dual or single amp channels. etc. $150 obo. Book on the delay is $150 book on the CHorus is $240. 2004 Visual Sound H2O Delay 800 ms Analog Voicing/ Chorus with BBD NOS chips . asking $75 (1st Edition) new wediotion are without the NOS BBD chips on the CHorus side . ROland micro cube $50 MONSTER PRO 1000 cables 20' $store cost is $79.99 ( Will take $59.99) NEW MONSTER PRO 1000 CABLES 10" $store cost is $39.99 (asking $29.99) NEW All cables brand new with box tag and lifetime waranty cards .NEW Inst cables MONSTER CABLE brand . store cost is $19.99. ( $asking $13.99) NEW IBANEZ GUITARS. ASK ME WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR AND ill see IF I own it. I have a lot of Ibanez guitars . I bought out a store that had over 100 Ibanez models ! Korean or USA . Vai . Petrucci, to Rg series ,etc etc .too many to even start listing . Taylor 810, 410, also Crafter (T-5 ) style eacoustic /electric thinline fguitar blue . BRAND NEW . PLayed once . All monster cABLES PLEASE SHOW ME THE CURRENT PRICING ON THE CABLE FROM WHERE VER YOUR GETTING IT AND ill beat ot by 20% at least. They are new. I have way to many monster pro 1000 cables I use :1981 Marshall JCM800 2203 with NON INV loop Lee Jackson no drilling -1978 BOSS OD1 3403d opamp . super rare NOS TUBES 1972 MArshall superbass stock NOS tubes 1991 Marshall shredmaster ad blues breaker 1st edition . $ great pedals to drive NMV marshakls . 1st edition are the only ones worth buying though so make wure you know what your buying . look inside .The Mike DOyle book SHoes the blues breaker which also sounds wonderful in any FENDER . Especially my friends 1966 PRO REVERB! exc . tonage .
  6. SOrry for the quick write up. I am re writing this . FOR SALE OR TRADE : 1981 Marshall JCM800 2203 100 watt head (Mint condition) The Power Tubes Are early 1980s SIEMENS /RFT brand EL34 power TUbes Preamp Tubes are NOS Mullard 12ax7s F/S or F/T: 2002 Bogner Bottom 4x12 inch cabinet Cabinet is made from birch wood Speakers are Vintage 30s F/S or F/T 1978 BOSS OD1 Overdrive with a rare OPAMP CHip inside called a 3403-D chip. It is a rare pedal That I use to clean boost the amp with. $1500 for the amp $800 for the cabinet thanks
  7. i have a Visual SOund 1st Edition Delay 800 ms analog voice/ NOS BBD chip Chorus duial fx pedal for trade is interested .thx jameshenderson30@gmail.com
  8. ;)F/S or F/T 1970s Ibanez Analog Delay : MINT CONDITION. $125 1970s Ibanez PRIME DUAL STEREO CHORUS pedal unsure what they go for on ebay but $175 FURMAN POWER REGULATOR: F/S or F/T in mint condition Racfk mount with an SKB 6 space Flight case ill include in the deal if interested .OR $220 2002 Visual SOund H2O 800 ms delay/ NOS BBD Chip CHorus dual fx pedal: $ 60 FIRM (1ST EDITION) newer model is without the NOS BBD CHIPS . Not as lush a chorus sound . I won two of them. Im pretty open to trades so just mention what ya got and ill let ya know . PAYPAL is preferreed . My EBAY NAME is Daneswede1: 100% positive feedback to ensure a safe and reliable assured and insured deal. thanks again! _________________________________ Im interested in: AD 900 Ibanez delay (2 chip version) Teese Wah or Buddah Wah (STANDARD MODEL) Also Looking for a decent backup Gibson LP Studio in decent shape . Pref. white but not mandatory. at $$500 to $600 used we may be looking at apartial trade /cash situation on that. let me know . Boss TUner Volume Pedal james henderson30@gmail.com
  9. 2004 BOGNER BOTTOM CABINET all Birch construction Very Important Pre Chinese COnstruction Vintage 30s 3/4 inch wiring inside . Mint condition. 8 ohm setup stock PICTURES UPON REQUEST THis cab was made before celestian decided to outsource the construction of many of their cones . including the Vintage 30s . I find you need to play on the newer spkrs longer to get them to give that spongey feel. I dont know . Consider trades . $800 obo jameshenderson30@gmail.com More hear for sale in seperate post . thx My moniker on EBAY is daneswede1 100% positive fdbck. thx
  10. 2002 Bogner Cabinet. 4x12" Vintage 30s Mint COndition Daneswede1 is my EBay moniker. I have a 100% feedback This cabinet is made from Baltic Birch wood. It has the pre chinese construction celestians in it. superthick wiring no rubbing , scratches, nothing , amp spkrs, everything perfect best offer I am the orgiginal owner Paid $1,199 for it BEST PFFER just email with questions at jameshenderson30@gmail.com thanks I use it with a 1981 JCM800 2203 100 watt head and used it with a BOgner UBERCSCHALL. THanks
  11. I also own a mint 1977 MArshall MKII JMP NMV I jumpoer the channels and use an AB-Y box two run one amp / two amps together for a wonderfully unique tone or the second amp. for this rigsince itis Non mASter it is clean mainly sounding . SO. I usethe BEST PEDALS OUT HTERE I have founf REMEMBER A TS ( or traditional VOerdriver WIll NOT overdrive a N on MAster Marshall from the 1970s I usea 1991 1st edition Marshall Shredmaster for all heavier chordal work still ambient likr and super smooth solos as well as going to a 1991 Marshall 1st edition Marshall Blues Breaker ! Both great pedals .reminiscent of my KING OF TONE PEDAL WHICH IS LIKE THREE BLUES BREAKERS AT VARIOUS LEVELS so i sold the KING FOTONE FOR $XX
  12. 1981 Marshall JCM800 2203 Master Volume 100 watt superlead with a 2001 Bgner Vintage 30 cab. I had Lee Jas]ckson about four years ago do a ONE OFF EFFECTS LOOP on my amp. Also I DID NOT WANT ANY HLES IN MY AMP and easy access to dismember the loop if need be. It came back PERFECT Minus a litle saudering work i think he let one of his first year guys do. I redid the saudering and cleaned it up myself. Also it is tube bufered ., self contained, dual Lelvel knobs with PUSH / PULL The push pull is for levelling out the unit that will go into it i.e the REVERB. I heard the MR. SPRINGGY bythe same guy (MR. LEE JACKSON WHOM a fiend has and im gonna try it out this week. It runs $200) ALso , I heard rom one person his loop took the highs and lows out of the amp. IMPOSSIBLE for this person set up the loop with the spring reverb incorrectly. How coulsd you take a simply circuit like spring reverb and kill the hghs and lows. Just doesnt work like that. THe man has built the famous LEE JACKSON XLS 1000 , XLS 500, the PERFECT CONNECTION and so on in the 1980s for Steve Vai, Paul GIlbet . Joe Satriani and SEVERAL others. I may got his eay. Im only using it for 5% TO 10% REVERB MAX FOR SOLOS AND IT COMES WITH AN ATTACHMENT FOR A LONG ON.OFF SWITCH. question: anyone ELSE HAVE ANY IDEAS FOR REVERBS THAT ARE GOOD AND WONT AFFECT OR TAKE AWAY TONE , I heard ofone other it is called the Triple GGGG Reverb that you assemble semi easily yourself . thnaaks for any info!
  13. I'm new to electric guitar/amps. I was wondering what a pre-amp does in relation to a power amp or power amp portion of a combo. I also see pre-amps sold by themselves. Why would this be preferrable over a pre-amp/power amp in one unit? Thanks for educating me. Well You want to start with the BEST opossible AMP you can find . Dependant on what style you play ( MUSIC THAT IS ) If you like Death music YOull haveto look at BOGNER UBERSCHALL amps . I find them to be the best. If you want your uberschal to have heavy bottom and top end and a lead rone . By a SOLDANO WITH EMINANCE spkrs! Belive it . I tried it.
  14. Please contact me at: jameshenderson30@gmail.com to work out the details if the pedal is still availible. I have a10 year acct withebay which is 100% positive. zipcode is 33434 in South Florida . Jameshenderson30@gmail.com What was the price again. also. any issues withthe pedal that i need to know of. And lastly. On the back is there a metal clip at the top where there should be a B- XXXXXX type Serial number on it thanks a lot
  15. I have one. It's on the softer side of early Marshall tones. If interested in selling it email me at jameshenderson30@gmail.com thanks been looking look opn the back youll see the serial # indented at the top. hats how you know if it is a 1st ed. if not the second run has the sticker at the bottom still good though and id still buy it im gonna get one
  16. its just sayswhat it is nothing more mothing less. very impressed again. The loop Mr lee and i built to together. rather he built and i supplied the outime came out phenominal and i had so many people ask me where it had been dopne which I immediately toldf them lee. He charged lvery little for the loop I dont think realizing the time it would take to build it and install it. I do know he still offers the standared drilling dtyle loop. BUt on a mint 1981 JVM800 2203 i refused to drill on anything . We used one tiny grommet going thru the toip of the board which was a pre fab from Marshall that was half drilled thru for other options the JCM800 could offer at the time. he alsop porotected it with a mesh surroundingf .WPOnderful MR Lee you did it again. Mr springgy is for me. IOm of to buy a half downe 100% NOS Jan Phillips 12ax7WAs take care
  17. THe superbass is original minus the chiclets. the 77 is 100 original . id have to throw in some cash to. I love the tone. I dfont knoe .comments.? thx?
  18. I have a matching 77 cab with it with rola G12m25s .some of them are bewat so you got to look out. mIne came with monster cable pro 1000 set to parallel. once dialed in i was in heaven. This amp along with my 1981 JCM800 2203 and its glory another mint y fresh amp are ALL I NEED> Iwouldnt mind a 1972 or a 68 but you buy what your budget allows. I got lucky . These amps are what its about. REMEMBER THIS ONE THING . Surround your amp i.e guitars, tubes, cabs ,whatever with quality gear and youll be fantastic suround it with crap and it wont deliver . tx
  19. Looks great, Plays even better with low action , fit and feel. Finger picking attack and chord play is almost effortless however you do have to actually play this guitar to get back something. I say plugged in the guitars Cool TUbe takes you on a journey and delivers that added something! I compared it with the Taylor 714 and 814ce that I owned only briefly each and returned. Also put it up against Deans, Martins, Ovations, Garrison, etc. All of which we sell. I tried every guitar in the store and liked this pone by far!
  20. 1977 Marshall SUPERLEAD MKII 100 watt head with NOS SIEMENS EL34s and GT 12ax7s. excellent condition. 1978 Marshall Checkerboard cabinet with BLackback G12M25 Rola Celestians . perfect condition . Cloth is exc condition tolex is great. One rip on the back of the cab. cones and speakers perfect and all original with everything Marshall shredmaster pedal perfect for NMV marshalls and Visual sound H20 pedal Delay and chorus TRADE FOR BOGNER 101B for all of it. OR sell for $2500 for all of it or seperate sell.
  21. Im interested in the 101b. Im selling my 1978 Marshall Checkerboard Blackback G12M25 cab and 1977 Marshall MKII SUperlead 100 watt head for $2100. Im also selling my Marshall shredmaster for $200 and an H20 delay chorus for $120 I can get the mopney in the next wekk. do you still have it. Are you the original owner. WHen did you get it do you have the reciepts. any mods on it or repairs to it. How new are the tubes. thanks email me at jameshenderson@bellsouth.net thanks
  22. I have played on both. The high gain channel on the 101B is more cpompressed and the single note definition is verysilky and smooth. THe c;lean channel is chimey and inspiring on both the 101b and classic . THe Plexi mode again is similiar on both heads to me with myayube the classic being only a touch mor open. In the ned im going with the 101b. YOu can always mod it and get the classic mod for $650. Id try both for it is truly subjective with these two amps. Good luck to you.
  23. Originally posted by JC-TONEQUEST I am still interested in trading for a VHT UL with graphic EQ or I would like to try an Egnater MOD-100. Did you ever sell the Bogner 101b. I have a 1977 Marshall MKII Superlead Non MAster VOlume head with NOS SIEMENS EL34s , 1 1978 CHeckerboard Marshall cab with Blqackback G12m25s , a Marshall shredmaster pedal ($200( value on the bay for NMV marshalls .The best for those and an H20 delay/ chorus. Im looking to get for everything $2400 or trade which is a fair deak , check trhe prices. Im looking for the BOgner 101b. If its gone i apologize for that. if you still have it on an outside chance email me at jameshenderson@bellsouth.net
  24. Originally posted by KarateSchnitzel Vintage Jen Crybaby with original fasel inductor - offers Tonebone Hot British - Immaculate
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