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  1. For me a Fender amp with reverb works well for that tone. Also medium-heavy gauge strings, heavy pick and, as someone above said, pick close to the bridge.
  2. Not sure if I qualify as one of the gang, but I'm drawn back here every time I read that one of my old guitar heroes has died! In its heyday this place was absolutely buzzing... has seemed a bit of a ghost town any time I've dropped in the past decade or so... Still, nice to see some familiar old names in this thread - GilmourD, xStonr, Ancient Mariner, GAS Man, Kevman, Brian Krashpad... also just looked up jjpistols and watched some of his vids on FB I don't use social media much but I do watch guitar-related material on YouTube - lessons, gear demos, rig rundowns, interviews,
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