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  1. I have been playing 30+ years and have 4 Fenders I recieved this guitar as a birthday gift from a good fried and band mate. It has become my favorite guitar once I got used to the bender. The only problem I had early on was bending the string accidently The guitar is fairly heavy due to the Poplar body and bending hardware. From what I understand Fender went to Poplar on the Nashville Teles because the Ash bodies had problems with the strain of the bender as well as screws stripping out. I would get another one if I needed to but they are no longer made
  2. Cap

    Fender Palomino

    I have been playing guitar for about 30 years and currantly own 3 fender electrics + the Palomino. I have put more playing hours on this guitar than any other guitar I've ever owned Everyone who plays it loves it. These guitars are hard to find in good shape as most people that have them wont get rid of them. I know I wont The King, Kingman, and Wildwood are just as good. My brother owns an old King. Different look same feel The Palomino was the second Fender I've owned (the twisty Jag) I have since aquired an 80s Strat Elite, a 65 Mustang, and a brand new American Nashville B-Bender Tele (the only new guitar I've ever owned)
  3. Cap

    Fender Mustang

    I have been playing for 30 years or so. I wanted a Mustang when I was a kid but couldn't get the frog skins at the time. I also own a 2002 American Deluxe Hotrodded Nashville B-Bender Tele and a mid 80s Strat Elite as well as a mid 60s Fender Palomino acoustic I would never have bought this guitar (in my old age) and only got it to save it from an undignified end. Someday someone will come along to love it and give it a good home. But since I love restoring old things I guess i got a lot of enjoyment from this project. Now I'm looking for a basket case 62 Jag to replace the one I had when I was a teen
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