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  1. 18 minutes ago, Mikeo said:

    As they say Happy New Guitar Day.

    I bought my last tele in 1985. I'd buy another one, but I have two already.

    One of my fav guitars



    I’m hooked on them. This one is number four but each one is different 

  2. Always wondered about the Xaviere T types but not quite enough to bite. Until now, they changed the headstock shape and it’s now called a Pro 820 . A three piece alder body with ashtray bridge and brass saddles ,it looks good .It showed up Saturday after the UPS driver teased me a bit. First thing Saturday morning the truck showed up in front of the house. The driver sat there and sat there and left. Late afternoon he came back with the delivery.

    It needed only tuning to be very playable. But to really be right it need some attention.  The frets were a little sharp but a file took care of that . The strings were okay but not what I like. .I put on D’Addario 10’s and gave the truss rod a little twist.    When I changed strings the ferrules started falling out so I put them in with a little super glue. No major issues just some details needed attention. I now have a Tele I really like for under $200. Can’t complain. Finishing up a few little things makes it mine. It’s a keeper 


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  3. 27 minutes ago, Verne Andru said:

    Yup. And here I thought I was special...

    I first ran across Glarry over at Talkbass - peeps were gassing over their super cheap basses - so they are somewhat legit. Contrary to my normal inclination I did visit the site and it shows a bunch of sub $100 teles, strats, p and j basses, etc. They sell on ebay.

    I think it's a clever way to get people to talk about their stuff. Just like we're doing here.

    Or talk about their questionable business practices 

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  4. On 8/28/2020 at 1:50 AM, AJ6stringsting said:

    Been here since 2003, closed the old account, then came back in 2005.

    But who knows, I could get a Bann Hammer w/ Sickle with extreme prejudice....I'm not Putin you on either ....I am being Red and Square with you guys 😆🤘

    It’s not worth it. There’s nothing to prove 

    Arguing  rarely changes anything except my mood. Just let them talk 

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  5. I've had blend pots on a few different guitars. One thing they had in common was a loss of treble .This would be especially noticeably in the 2&4 pos. I used no load tone pots to help compensate but eventually removed the blend pots. If you really like the blend pot you could consider 500k tone pots.


  6. Yes ,I always use a tuner to set intonation.. If I give the guitar a cleaning and polishing the points on the f holes give me a starting point when restringing. Some people change the string one at a time to keep the bridge in place. I had in the past used a piece of masking tape as a reference to locate the bridge to install strings. I find it much easier to jut remove all of the strings and the bridge for a good cleaning. When it's time to put everything back I start with the bridge centered with the f holes then use a tuner to get it exact. I use 12th fret harmonic  and fretted


  7. I used to mark the location with masking tape whenI had one with a rosewood bridge .Even that was not terrible to intonate if I at least got it close to start with. I guess I feel that if it was supposed to be fixed the factory would have done it 

  8. On 7/5/2020 at 2:41 PM, daddymack said:

    Happy NGD! Enjoy!

    a moment of steel wool application and that spot should be gone.

    Floating bridges are a PITA, but you can pin the base in place...I'm would not do exactly what this guy did, I would use something like a small roll pin rather than nails, and even he admits he should have taped the bridge down for the transfer of the holes...I would have drilled through just to mark the points, then removed the bridge, drilled, installed the pins and then put the bridge back...he spends way too much time fussing with those nails, IMHO

    A friend was installing a bridge on a violin . I asked him how do you know where it goes? He explained that it needs to be over the sound posts and the trick is to line it up with the points on the center of the f-holes. I’ve noticed the same holds true for my guitar, an Ibanez AF75.
    I was slightly off this time but within range of the intonation screws 



  9. My wife had been working from home these days so morning jams are unplugged. I’ve been dialing in the acoustic sound of my hollow body electric. I started by replacing the pickup springs with surgical tubing. This helped to reduce some of the strange overtones ,I think it’s called sympathetic resonance. I also found that some guitarists use a small strip of leather or a piece of shoelace or even Velcro to mute the strings between the bridge and tailpiece . I cut a piece from a rubber O ring and laced it between the strings by the bridge. I tried different locations and this works as good as any. The next step was going to be an ebony saddle but that may not be needed. .E9BA54A8-5F95-4968-A267-5435E2ECB715.thumb.jpeg.aa448f7ca7bfdc3272c3594ccac05002.jpegD5EBF20D-A65D-490B-814A-CC00E3D91E7F.thumb.jpeg.d62835adf398e397267a91dbf306ddb1.jpeg

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