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  1. Another mod is to take the middle pickup off the switch and give it it’s own volume control.

    You can rewire the switch for series and parallel wiring with the P 90s and bring in the middle pickup anytime. Or just use a 3 way switch for Nashville wiring 

  2. I've had blend pots on 2 different Telecasters and found them to be tone suckers. I have a "blend pot " on my Strat for the bridge humbucker blending single and dual coils.,this uses a regular pot.

  3. 22 hours ago, thienthanh said:

    This is my first post to any forum. Im not sure if this post is allowed but ill give it a try. I bought a speaker breakout kit. Every thing was ready to go. No soldering ,takes about 20 min to install. No cutting any wireing. Unbelieveable volume increase when plugged into 4by12 or 2by12 extension cabinet. I cant believe my ears . Cost was about 30 dollars. I didn't know if I could put where I purchased it. This is a dream come true amp sounds fantastic. Hope I didn't break any rules, but im totally new to forums Thanks,,Pickmasterson

    Thanks for the info, I would be interested in knowing more 

  4. Thanks for the suggestion 

    my phone is a little too smart. I opened a new tab, typed T and it was already suggesting the amp for me. 
    I’d give one of those amps a try when life returns to something resembling normal 

  5. 3 hours ago, Mikeo said:

    Purdy cool.

    I have a spruce top  fretted Kala U Bass, that a buddy of my gave be for my 50th birthday.

    I have a couple of bass amps to play it through. Back in the day I bought a SWR California Blonde to run my acoustic guitar through. They are heavy, but it was a popular amp at the time. I stopped sing that and started carrying a Fishman loud box performer, that's like 30 lbs lighter.

    The other bass amp I have is a very old Ashdown ABM 500 4 x10 combo, made in the UK. I never thought about the weight when ordering it.:facepalm: It like 110 lbs. 


    I think you'll enjoy that acoustic bass. Kinda makes acoustic gigs look like acoustic gigs.

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “killer amp “

  6. After literally decades of looking I pulled the trigger and bought an acoustic bass. I know they aren’t loud enough acoustically which is why I never bought one. Saturday MF had them for the stupid deal of the day  at $169 . That was it I had to have one 
    It’s a Dean EAB satin finish .. spruce top mahogany neck and body . Something called balsamo for the fretboard 

    it’s a 34 inch scale and like 50 inches overall 

    I like the satin finish on the neck and the build quality seems decent . The strings are D’Addario phos bronze so the sound is a little bright but useable.  Playing with a pick it has a piano like sound unplugged. Haven’t done much with an amp yet.  
    I know these things get no love but for the price I’m happy 







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  7. A different thought on the weight of a guitar is that it can be too light. I  once went to GC intending to come home with an Ibanez AF55.. I even brought along my own amp . The big turnoff was the guitar felt like it was made of balsa wood. Eventually I did buy an Ibanez AF75 which just feels more substantial than the AF55. The tailpiece is big part of the difference for sure. I just like the way it feels 

  8. Hey, great to see you stopping by the old hangout. I actually followed the build thread with great anticipation. The results justified the anticipation. 
    I hear that choir “ahhh” when I look at it

  9. On 4/20/2020 at 4:23 AM, Wishkid420 said:

    Sorry to dig up a old thread.  I came across this similar style humbucker pickup. I want to get covers for mine. It looks like both the north and south sides are slugs.   I am thinking I need the EMG style cover.  Or would I need the one with holes still?  Thanks for anyone who sees this.  

    According to Seymour Duncan ,if the pickup has non adjustable poles you need better pickups. 

  10. 2 hours ago, xStonr said:

    The body is Alder. The finish is some Minwax stain I had from a previous project.

    Nice rustic look. I really like thinlines. Play it in good health

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