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  1. Kindness has it. I believe I wired the 2 pickups together, then one to the jack with one of my jazzes. I wired it back "proper" when I sold the bass. I also did this to a P-bass, but in between the pickup and the output I soldered in a mini-toggle switch for an on/off. Very cool IMO.
  2. I've decided to sell again and have revised my pricing.
  3. 12AX7 tube pre-amp. 600W at 8 ohms, 800W at 4 ohms, 600W at 2 ohms. Fantastic amp that has been in a rack case since the day I bought it. I do not need near this much amp with my band so I'm downsizing. $590(CAD) plus shipping. About $550 or so in U.S. funds.
  4. :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: :cop: Dammit only ten images allowed ::mad smiley face here:: Dan Guess that makes you the wiener! That sure was pointless silliness in the middle of a night shift.
  5. Originally posted by Kermit_the_Frog I had the same problem when i bought my PODXT Live. I NEVER created my own tones. I always used the presets. Once I got it all set up *3 months* I will never go back! 3 months of utter hell for the rest of the band while you fiddle trying to get your sound and volumes set. It's enough to make a bass player sell all his gear and take some time off.
  6. I paid between $800-$850 for it. I can't remember and lost the receipt. Traded in my Hartke 410XL on it plus some cash. I've been playing for over 20 years. I've used 15" cabs, 410's and a combination of the two. I was going to add a 2x10 to my 4x10 Hartke to get slightly warmer, less hi-fi sound. I changed my mind after playing the 8x8. It is a big cab though. Over 100 lbs. On flat ground, it's a breeze to manouever with the tilt-back design. I have figured out how to load in and out of the back seat of my car without too much trouble, but you really could use some help with stairs. If it were stolen or lost, I would definitely buy another one. For that matter, if my amp was stable at 2 ohms, I'd buy another one and run 2 of them! I also really like the fact that I was supporting a Canadian company. I would not hesitate (and I have) to recommend this cabinet to other bass players. If you can handle the weight of a big cab (still smaller and lighter than a 8x10)and are looking for a cab with lots of low-end and tight mids and highs in the same cab, then look at these. The price is easy to take as well.
  7. I had a couple of those in the yard last year. Looks like it was a drainage issue, some of the soil getting washed away under the grass. One of the holes right beside my neighbor's foundation was really deep. Put some downspouts on the eaves, and filled in the holes. Haven't seen these crop up this year.
  8. Overall, I like what this pedal does for my sound. Heard great things about the Sansamp BDDI, which this is basically a copy of for about an 8th of the price. As a DI, it sucks. As an effect emulating a bit of the Ampeg growl, it works great.
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