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  1. Most people who have bought guitars online will tell you that buying online is a crap shoot and that they wouldn't do it again. There's something to be said about holding a guitar in your hand for a few minutes before deciding to buy it. Having said that, I have been lucky with online purchases of guitars. But, I have had bad luck too -- PRS, Epiphone, etc. My #1 is a black Gibson Traditional Pro II with a Floyd Rose (that I found on the wall in a store and soon fell in love with). If you are not 100% set on having the split diamond on the headstock, an ebony fretboard, and backside binding, I would highly recommend you take a look at Gibson Traditional Pro models. My Trad Pro II knocked the LPC right off the bucket list.

  2. Yep, SV470. I have a SV470 TR (transparent red) that I bought new in 1992. It still is one of my all-time favorites to play. The switch got a little scratchy (it's a 5-way). I took it to my luthier, but the body is so thin that he couldn't just replace it with one he had on hand. He tried to get one from japan, but he said he couldn't get one. Anyhow, he cleaned it up and it hasn't been scratchy since.


    That is one heck of a score for under $40 bucks. I would have snagged that in a heartbeat. Hell, I would've paid the original price of $100 for it.

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  3. I have two MK guitars. My first is a 24-fret Patriot Premium quilt with EMG 81/85s, Grovers, an ebony fretboard, pearl inlays, and a full abalone binding. It's a beautiful guitar, and that's why I bought it. The fretboard plays like butter. I ordered this one from Amazon a little over 5 years ago. I was bummed that mine didn't have the 24th-fret inlay marker. Apparently the first run had them, then they stopped inlaying the marker on the 24th fret. No clue why. In my opinion, it took away from the overall look of the guitar.


    My second MK is (also 24-fret) a Patriot Magnum, which has a licensed Floyd (some Magnum models didn't have a tremolo). It's obviously not near the guitar that the Premium is, but it is quite a bit lighter (thinner) and I play it occasionally for Drop D tunings. I got this one 2 years ago. I took it to my luthier and he had a hell of a time with the Floyd -- basically, the Floyd on it is crap. But, it's not really worth putting a real Floyd on it to me. He said it'd probably take at least one more setup to iron out all the kinks. It plays well enough though.


    They're made in Korea and are very well made for the money. I gotta say the Premium is leaps and bounds above the Magnum. My advice is if you see one that you like and want new, like a new Patriot Instinct with Bare Knuckles, get it. They're often changing styles, colors, and features, which retires some models fairly quickly. They also run deals around Black Friday and Christmas at their website.


    But, I wouldn't buy a MK thinking that you're going to resell it and make a bundle. You can buy MKs used from GC for under $250.

  4. Hi – I have a couple of Celestion V30s rebranded as Hellatone 60s by Avatar. I’m curious to know if these are UK-made or China made.


    They are stamped 444 on the cones. The stickers on the magnets do not say “Made in China”. The Original Celestion sticker underneath the Hellatone 60 sticker does say “Ipswitch, Suffolk, England”.


    Are these genuine UK-made speakers?








  5. Wait, what? Why? I buy her lots of nice things too. I don't get why it's sad that she buys me guitars. *shrug* I do work for a living...


    And, the guitars my wife and kids buy me mean a hell of a lot more to me than the ones I've bought over the years for myself.

  6. One of the many great things about a Floyd Rose tremolo system, is that you can put the ball ends on the tuning keys, put lots of string on the tuning posts and when the string breaks, you can unlock the nut, unwind the extra string on the post and pull it down to clamp down on the bridge. ;)


    THE BEST post I've read in weeks! I'm still LOLing!

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  7. This little guitar hobby of mine evolved into a 30+-year obsession, throughout which I have purchased many guitars and spent untold riches on amps, pedals, and other accessories (cables, cases, pedalboards, power supplies, etc).


    Best advice I can give is get the guitar and amplifier you want right from the start. You'll spend thousands on other items just to try to get what you really want -- guitar-wise, tone-wise, etc. In the end, it's cheaper just to get exactly what you want to start and never look back.


    Also, go to a local store and try out some different amps, guitars, etc. I am in the camp of those who prefer tube amps, but I also have a solid state amp and it kept me happy for a while. Once I went tube, there was no going back though. I also have an external audio interface, and I hate it. But, other people love them. I am also not a fan of wearing headphones while I am playing, but that's just me.


    And remember, prices are not going down -- Gibson raised prices 30% this year. So, that amp you want now may cost 30% more next year.

  8. So I talked with Alex at AnalogMan for a few weeks and he custom-built this bad boy for me. It took him less than a week to actually build it and get it to my house after it was determined exactly what I wanted (which I think could have been harder than actually building the pedal LOL).





    It's essentially a switch that sends the signal to/from my Carl Martin OctaSwitch to the effects loops on two different amplifiers -- one that I use for clean and another that I use for distortion. It remotely switches the amp based on which path I use on the OctaSwitch via a latching remote 1/4" stereo cable.


    At first I had a little pop thing going on the button press from the distortion amp to the clean amp, but a compressor cleared that up entirely.


    I gotta say I couldn't be happier!!! It does exactly what I wanted, has all the features I could consider/anticipate, and was built to last and for a great price!


    Thanks Alex and AnalogMan!

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