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  1. Thanks for the fantastic review (I've been a fan of yours for many years!). I ordered an AT-500 a few days ago and I'm really excited about trying it out. I had seen a hands-on demo on YouTube, today, and I got a bit nervous. The reviewer configured the guitar for open D tuning and it sounded horribly out of tune. But, your comment, "the only caution with alternate tunings is that you need to press lightly on the string when engaging the Auto-Tune process" has put my mind at ease. Apparently, the reviewer didn't fret the G string fully (it was buzzing), so that affected the Autotune. One thing to keep in mind, from what I was told by Antares, the AT-200 (even with the AT-200B breakout box) cannot be used as a MIDI controller to "play" MIDI-equipped sound-producing devices (i.e. MIDI-equipped keyboards). That is, it does not transmit MIDI note information. Just something to keep in mind. :-)
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