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  1. okay so the reason why I wont get the Korg Kronos is because it is way to much damn money,it may have great stuff but I got a better solution,you should get a M-Audio Keystation 88 keyboard controller and get a Korg Microsampler,the thing about the Korg Microsampler is you could sample a Grand Piano sound if you wanted to and you would get your money's worth,look at Jordan Ruddess he samples Keyboard sounds from God know's what but I know he doesn't have a Korg Microsampler,but what you do is use the Midi Controller and use the Midi "Out" plugged into the midi "In" on the Microsampler and you will have every sound possible known to man and you would never need a hella expensive Keyboard Workstation ever again,my Synth setup would be basic all I'd ever need is a Korg MicroKorg,Korg Microsampler,M-Audio Keystation 88 to use as a midi controller just plugged into Microkorg and Microsampler,and Korg Electribe ESX and EMX,those would be the only synths I will ever need for my Techno-Rock/Techno-Metal sound
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