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  1. wat? You dare to call my friend Ron ridiculous? Sez hoo? You a wize guy or sumthin? :poke: Sit facing the door. Hi Aldo. How's the sudz biz and life in general?
  2. Mine shipped, yay! Mine was waiting for me last night when I got home. Ser. #004. It was too late to play at any significant volume. Can't wait for the weekend!!
  3. bought... how long does analoguehaven usually take to ship their stuff? When I talked to Shawn earlier in the day he said all pedals ordered tonight will ship out in the morning.
  4. Yooooo Ron! Me too! How're you doing nowadays? Doing great!! So was everyone sitting around refreshing the site? Should get it Wednesday. It's local to me, but I had to pay Cali sales tax. How's the Hiwatt? Take care mate!!
  5. HBE makes some seriously cool pedals. Very well built and a fantastic value. Most can be had on the secondary market for ~$100 +/-. The mimic is a very cool delay pedal. There are some issues with clock noise that HBE acknowledges, but it is not too serious. Like others have mentioned try out the Psylocybe. The Germania is a really cool treble booster. UFO a cool fuzz, Power Screamer is one of the best tube screamer clones. You could do a lot worse than an all HBE board in my opinion. A very overlooked company.
  6. OL Circuits Chunky Cheese it's very affordable +1
  7. Important to me, at least. I just got my first offer of credit from capitalone and since I don't know anything about APRs and all this important non-sense, I was wondering if some of the more experienced here can share their credit-card experience. It says 0% APR until June 2009. Membership fee $39 annual. Anything else you might need to know to know whether I'm getting ripped off or not would be great. Go back and read the responses by Jaron, then live by them. The only thing on your offer that I do not like is the annual fee. I would pass until you find a card with no annual fee. APR is secondary because if you do it right you will never carry a balance.
  8. Oh {censored} yeah that whammy is still available (well not anymore) I pick it up tomorrow afternoon! Very nice score!!
  9. Hey Ron! Wassup?? All well?? Couldn't be better my friend. My son's football is wrapping up and he's getting ready to go back to baseball. Otherwise just enjoying life in sunny So. Cal.
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