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  1. I never knew that Mark Knopfler used it on Money for Nothing! Hmm, 500Hz... Money For Nothing is a LP Jr> Some Laney amp and the "cocked wah" sound is 3 seperate mics on the cab out of phase.
  2. Walter Sear has an interesting and funny graph on this subject in The Wilco Book.
  3. I offered advice about a guys solo boost problem. His first problem was that he had his DRRI max'd but I figured I'd help him one step further by offer a pedal order suggestion dirt > Boost instead of boost > dirt. This is only the most recent annoyance. I've run into this several times. Don't worry...someone that plays their DR maxed probably couldn't tell the difference either way.
  4. The only pedal I use actually. I have it always on, backed just a tad off full, and run it into either a Tweed Champ or a DR. Then just go from clean to mean with my volume control. Don't even bother to put it on the floor since I never step on it...so it sits on top of the amp. If it ever dies I'll get another or check out some of the Xotic stuff. The SHO got me off the OD flavor of the month problem I was having! Thanks Z!
  5. I never knew that Mark Knopfler used it on Money for Nothing! Hmm, 500Hz... That is because he didn't. The Money for Nothing sound is a Les Paul Jr. into a Laney amp...the "cocked wah" sound you hear is the result from the phase cancellation between 3 microphones. It was a studio accident that worked out and the kept it. He didn't use a wah or a Rockman for that tone.
  6. The only use I have come up for a wah in a while is as a door stop. Now for a while I did use a RMC-3(loved how tweakable it was)...but it seemed like overkill for door stoppage...so now I just use a really old tempermental Dunlop Crybaby for my door propping stuff.
  7. I'm SO offended that you didn't even think to offer up this gem to your old friends at OJ...we would of course have given you a hard time about the spam, but you wouldn't have felt the need to apologise to us!
  8. is the old speaker an orange JBL D130F ?
  9. Telefunkens or RCA...nothing made in China, Russia or Yugoslavia for me thanks. And for sure nothing made by New Sensor...I don't care what name he paints on em.
  10. this is kinda sterile...no amp just a DI signal thru a pre-amp http://soundclick.com/share?songid=6227133
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