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  1. I'm in a Rock cover band that plays 3 times a month in & around NOVA. The other guitarist in the band plays a 52 reissue Telecaster. I play a custom built Brent Mason Telecaster. There's something about Telecasters that just kick ass !
  2. I've heard ALOT of people say, the plain top Les Pauls have better guitar tone. BAD ASS AXE !
  3. I only run Delay & Reverb through the effects loop. Never really heard for running modulation effects through an effects loop. Discuss.....
  4. Can Mesa Boogie please make a amp that's no so...."busy". Less knobs, less switches, less tonal options. I love they're amps, they are just too damn "busy". The Fillmore at 50 watts SHOULD cover all the musical bases.
  5. My 1st amp was a Gibson amp (Norlin)....kinda....SG Systems 610 (circa 1976)
  6. The old PRS Harmonic Generator Amp from The 1980's. KILLER Solid State amp he tried to sell at a tube amp price. He almost lost his ass on that project, still a KILLER solid state amp. The Pritchard Amp is like a " half brother" to the PRS Harmonic Generator.
  7. Your guitar is acquiring MOJO, leave that guitar alone.....
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