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  1. Had to buy one on line 5 years ago....$27 USD.
  2. I'm in a Rock cover band that plays 3 times a month in & around NOVA. The other guitarist in the band plays a 52 reissue Telecaster. I play a custom built Brent Mason Telecaster. There's something about Telecasters that just kick ass !
  3. I've heard ALOT of people say, the plain top Les Pauls have better guitar tone. BAD ASS AXE !
  4. I only run Delay & Reverb through the effects loop. Never really heard for running modulation effects through an effects loop. Discuss.....
  5. Can Mesa Boogie please make a amp that's no so...."busy". Less knobs, less switches, less tonal options. I love they're amps, they are just too damn "busy". The Fillmore at 50 watts SHOULD cover all the musical bases.
  6. My 1st amp was a Gibson amp (Norlin)....kinda....SG Systems 610 (circa 1976)
  7. The old PRS Harmonic Generator Amp from The 1980's. KILLER Solid State amp he tried to sell at a tube amp price. He almost lost his ass on that project, still a KILLER solid state amp. The Pritchard Amp is like a " half brother" to the PRS Harmonic Generator.
  8. Your guitar is acquiring MOJO, leave that guitar alone.....
  9. I've been doing a Reggae gig for the past 5 years. I like the music & I Iike playing Reggae, it's fun. I use a 2004 Roland JC-120 as my primary amp. Guitars used are Custom Shop Strats & Teles. I own a KILLER pedal board, all true bypass pedals. All I need is a KILLER Auto-Wah pedal. I need something that "POPS" when I hit the strings. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Respect Bernardo Gui
  10. I had Crossroads Guitar Shop (Falls Church, VA) build me a Telecaster. It's a Brent Mason styled Telecaster & it's pretty damn cool: Seymour Duncan STK-T3B Bridge Pickup. (Vintage Hum-canceling Pickup) Seymour Duncan STK-S2 Middle Pickup (High output single-coil sized Vintage Stack) Seymour Duncan SM-1 Neck Pickup (Classic Firebird Pickup) This Tele also has a "blend" knob that allows me to add the middle Strat Pickup. I own 9 guitars & I am a working musician in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metro area. My Crossroads Guitar Shop Brent Mason Tele is conservatively the most versatile guitar I own. Good enough for Brent Mason, good enough for Bernardo Gui !
  11. Saw this guy 15 years ago at a club in Alexandria, VA. I sat about 20 feet from him while he played....I WAS STUNNED ! This guy played "The Guitar Bible" from beginning to end. Watching this guy play, I was sweating more than him & he was on stage under lights. Afterwards I got to meet him & it was like an audience with The Pope. I was looking for "a ring to kiss", I was nervous, scared & completely blown away. To this day I have never seen anybody "attack" the Guitar the way Junior Brown does. Jazz, Country Swing, Surf, Blues...whatever.....JUNIOR BROWN IS A MONSTER !
  12. Ernest Tubb + Jimi Hendrix = Junior Brown
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