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  1. I'm selling a Quad Reverb if you're interested: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/msg/1391167321.html
  2. I play simple straightforward, slightly psychedelic rock (influenced by velvet underground/spacemen 3/rolling stones), and the Twin Tube is perfect. I've been playing for 15 years. I used to use an SG special until upgrading to a ES-335. It sounds fantastic, and as I upgraded my guitar and pickups, my overall tone (and indeed that which was effected by the pedal) really improved. I would probably replace this pedal, but before doing so would try to find a boost pedal that competes with this. If I could do that as well as find a more personally ideal fuzz pedal, then I might go that route, but I love the way this thing sounds, so I would probably get another one. Cranking this pedal through a cranked up tube amp is something to behold.
  3. does anyone have experience with the ability of rickenbackers to stay in tune? obviously they're quality instruments, and i'm thinking of getting one, but i've heard from various sources (including something about paul weller of the jam using them on stage for looks "despite their not staying in tune.") that they don't stay in tune all that well. first of all, is this true? if so, what causes it? (i'm looking at 360 series, 6 string. possibly 330, 6 string.)
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