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  1. Actually was identifiable as the Mettalica I used to love. Sounds like this album might not totally suck which would be great because Mettalica does not deserve to be slagged so {censored}ing hard. They were great....it is hard to keep that {censored} up when your music is based on anger and aggression.......and your rich and old. Thats not being a dick it is the truth.....they just get {censored} on because they are not as good as they were 20 odd years ago.....well who the {censored} is still putting out albums like they did in their prime? I will be waiting to hear the whole album before I pass judgement but it certainly sounds promising.
  2. what a dick.....some people should be shot.
  3. Ok -- this post makes a lot more sense to me. Jeeeez,....dude, what's up with U you posting that pic of Obama? Seriously. I know you're more intelligent than that. If you don't like him, fine -- you made your points clear in this post and that's your opinion. But the wacky, racist picture you posted doesn't "fit" with you normal ability to "trade blows" in an articulate and intelligent fashion. How is a picture of Obama done up as Borat racist? Stop it Obama supporters...just stop it with the racist thing.
  4. For the Most Part Jrock, Clinton didnt have much to do with anything but recieved alot for credit for things that he had nothing to do with. Thanks to him, the ATM has been hammering and continues to hammer the middle class to the tune of 60 billion + a year. He gets an awful lot of credit for the prosperity that we enjoyed during his term along with a National Surplus when the facts are that it can all be traced back to Reagans Economic Tax Recovery Act Of 1981. As for this whole Obama/McCain thing, I feel like its Bush/Gore or Bush/Kerry all over again; Not much of a choice at all and anybody vehemently defending either candidate is nuts... Personally, theres no way Id vote for Obama and Xerox Biden but Im not too convinced that I want to vote for McCain , no matter how much I admire the guy... Great seeing you the other night BTW!!! Great post. I agree on all points.
  5. great post. are you {censored}ed up? TOTALLY {censored}ED UP........but my listening started early. somne nights it is just about the goodness.
  6. It rubs the lotion on its skin...........
  7. Spent one of those nights....you know.....the wife is working late,,,,the kid is asleep and you decide to grab a beverage and listen to an album like you did when you were a kid. So I throw on the white album. And I am completely blown away......like the first time. The diversity of the music is the first thing that blows you away. Nobody in the last thirty years could get away with putting the breadth of music that exists on that album without being bitch slapped by their record company. The gutar tones on the album are a clinic on incredible. The songs are ridiculous. The vocals are at times raw and at times very processed (for the times)....the backing vocals are {censored}ing nuts......in a word the entire two albums are a clinic on all that is good and wonderful. .....In a word listening to the white album makes you feel sorry for your pathetic self.......your pretty sure that you are listening to aliens and your life has little to no meaning. Then you realize that their is Revolver, Abbey road, Let it be, Seargent Peppers, and Rubber soul....and you really start to feel insignificant...... I tried to put the metal on.......it just did not work. The Beatles are a whole new sort of {censored}ing bad ass ( as well as as old school bad ass)........the type of {censored} your parents tried to tell you about but you just did not listen......... In all seriousness I have loved the Beatles since I was a kid, but nights like these make me fall on bended knee...........Sexy sadie,,,oh what have you done.
  8. boxhollow

    lamest beer

    Yuengling brewing company is the oldest in America and is brewed right here in the great state of Pennsylvania (tucky). I've never had their light beers, but everything I have had from them including the 3 trillion gallons of Yuengling lager I drank up until I got old and became a {censored} Miller light drinker, were outstanding. Repeat, Yuengling is not some {censored} budget beer......so either you have {censored}ty taste in beer or they {censored}ed up their light beer something awful.
  9. aw hell yeah-- i've got a bachelors in english with a minor in fine arts. tremendously useful for making a living. my career trajectory post baccalaureate was organic farming and then carpentry. never worn a suit other than at weddings and funerals. but the construction workers paying very well part.. meh.. i might haveta disagree with y' there... you can do ok with trades, don't get me wrong.. but it can be a long row to hoe... Yeah your right, construction is not a path I would recomend if you want to have stability and actually make some cash.....Most of the other trades do very well though. Nice to see someone else is not using their bachelors.....wish now I would have kept the money and just got the associates.......I guess the knowledge gained and the experience of getting it were somewhat worth it....(the {censored}, beer, and drugs alone were worth the price of admission).
  10. JVM plus an ISP decimator and you have a metal beast.....that has a great clean channel and does the classic Marshall crunch. I love my JVM.
  11. The world needs plumbers, HVAC techs, electricians, masons, construction workers, etc...etc.... all of those jobs pay very well and offer someone the oppurtunity to have a good life. I have a bachelors degree and an associates degree. The associates degree is in HVAC. Guess which one I use and make more money with......industrial ammonia refrigeration for the mother{censored}ing win! I traded in my suit and ass kissing behind a desk everyday for turning a wrench and have not looked back.
  12. Nice video. Guy put on an entertaining presentation.
  13. Of course I have no incentive, but work ethic? Hell no. Regardless of whether or not I like my job, I do it and I do it well. The incentive isn't there because I can't move up. It's a {censored} job that I could work for years and never move up. Most of the people working there had to work for at least two years to even get a raise. You have much to learn little one....much to learn. It is kinda hard for you to be talking about the "years" it would take for you to move up when your experience with being an employee can only be measured in months. Part of work ethhic is showing up everyday, not just putting in 8 hours when it is you decide to actually show up. And when you get a "real" job I hope you do not expect to just move right on up the ladder. Most places like to see someone prove themselves to be reliable, competent, and hard working before they actually give them more responsibility. In other words, working two months, calling off a bunch, and wanting to have weeks off for vacations is usually not the type of behavior that warrants a promotion in any line of work no matter how menial or for that matter important. The fact that you have no work ethic or drive is because of your age. It is somewhat exceptable for someone your age to go through a bunch of low level jobs. Just don't get bent and complain when the adults who are running these business's don't feel like putting up with an unreliable worker.
  14. Don't tell me you have hired kids thinking they wouldn't need time off. My mom was a manager at a bowling center for 10+ years and never hired a kid thinking they wouldn't need time off for vacations. To hire a teenager thinking they wouldn't need time off is naive, and quite frankly, stupid. And I don't get paid nearly {censored}ing enough to make Starbucks my life. That's what managers are paid for. Oh yeah, and lets not forget, if I don't take this week off, that's about $700 of my parents' money down the drain. {censored} that. If Starbucks can't deal with the fact I'm a teenager with a life outside of work, they need to fire me. Like I said, I'm not paid nearly enough to make work my life. Why are you venting .....of course you cannot keep a job. You don't give a {censored} about the jobs you have and have little incentive/work ethhic. That is reasonably attributable to your age....but....a little more work and a little less time off would probably keep you from coming on forums and bitching about not keeping a job.
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