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  1. Ok, for about $200 you can buy a Chinese POS and be happy or find one of these and have an American original, you deside what's best for you. I'll pick one of these over anything China has to make. Solid electrical construction, well made cabinet, powerfull enough to gig with and vintage American at a bargan price.
  2. What can I say, it's not a $1000 Tele ot a $2000 Les Paul. But it was a good starter guitar.
  3. Originally posted by tlbonehead You could probably state that for a lot of brands of tubes. Junk rate can be pretty high. That's a good reason to buy from a place that does their own testing and screening. I like Lord Valve. FYI I've done business with this music store many times over the tears and he said he would refund my money or give me another set of tubes but it was his last set in stock he's going to get in both JJ and Ruby tubes as replacements for Audio Glassic and EH. I do my own testing and agree with you about the over all quality, I've seen junk tubes before claimed as NOS and matched and burned in some were way past burned in.
  4. I purchased a "new" set of these tubes at a local Music store, Audio Glassic claimed them to be, tested and matched as a set of 4 and rated them as a #7, I wanted to put these in my Twin Reverb and save the originals as backup. Thank god I tested them on my tube tester before putting them in my amp, I found 2 of the 4 tubes had a dead short, and of the other two one read weak, matched set? Bah. Got my money back.
  5. It's a good amp for what it is, I would not buy another one, as a used amp it was a good deal, as a new amp I think it is over ratted. It came with all new tubes and sounds great with my LP and my '62 RI Strat. I haven't gigged with it yet but think it will fill the room. I like it better than my Blues Jr. but not as well as my Roland JC 50, that's just weird. I think the Roland is better sounding and works great as a medium size gig amp, and has never let me down. If this amp fell off the edge of the world and you wanted it I'd help you get it with a big push, all kidding asside, I like it but most likely will sell it and try something else.
  6. Most the time I play a RI'62 Fender Strat and a Fender Twin Reverb. I wanted something smaller that I can just grab and go. I only had this amp for a week, and I tried it out at a Blues Jam session it did well playing with a Fender Hotrod Deluxe a Marshall 1/2 stack and a few Peavey's. I had some trouble adjusting my tone because I couldn't hear my self very well, these guys kept turning up and playing louder, by the end of the night they must have blown out everyone's ear drums, I left early. I don't like playing that loud. Good tone and volume come in at about 3 on this amp and I had to turn it up to about 6 just to hear my self!!! I don't do the loud thing very often but it did hold up to the jam session. It's a good, well built amp, should last for years but the sad thing is I'm trading it off for the Classic 30, which I like better, somebody else can enjoy this little gem. The reasons for the change, FX loop, I liked the Reverb better and the channel switching is a plus, and I can get it for half the price and use the $300 left over for something else.
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