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  1. Ok, for about $200 you can buy a Chinese POS and be happy or find one of these and have an American original, you deside what's best for you. I'll pick one of these over anything China has to make. Solid electrical construction, well made cabinet, powerfull enough to gig with and vintage American at a bargan price.
  2. What can I say, it's not a $1000 Tele ot a $2000 Les Paul. But it was a good starter guitar.
  3. Originally posted by tlbonehead You could probably state that for a lot of brands of tubes. Junk rate can be pretty high. That's a good reason to buy from a place that does their own testing and screening. I like Lord Valve. FYI I've done business with this music store many times over the tears and he said he would refund my money or give me another set of tubes but it was his last set in stock he's going to get in both JJ and Ruby tubes as replacements for Audio Glassic and EH. I do my own testing and agree with you about the over all quality, I've seen junk tubes before claimed as NOS and matched and burned in some were way past burned in.
  4. I purchased a "new" set of these tubes at a local Music store, Audio Glassic claimed them to be, tested and matched as a set of 4 and rated them as a #7, I wanted to put these in my Twin Reverb and save the originals as backup. Thank god I tested them on my tube tester before putting them in my amp, I found 2 of the 4 tubes had a dead short, and of the other two one read weak, matched set? Bah. Got my money back.
  5. Originally posted by Endlezz Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. Well actually I'm a lurking that wasn't able to sign up on this site with a hotmail account. (said i was banned or something) So I tried a gmail account a year later and it worked this time. = D Yeah so I got my first tube amp recommended by Randy, thanks . I'm kind off new towards tweaking an amp to how I want it to sound and I'm pretty bad at it. Not clear about what each knob does except gain, reverb and bass lol. So if you guys can share your experience on how to dial in a good tone on your custom blues it'll be great. I'll be looking forward to learning from you guys. Thanks. Hit their web site and down load the manual.
  6. Originally posted by Voodoo Amps Do you ever have an opinion or just walk the fence? I could have come up with the same conclusions my self. But thanks anyway. What is it you want to know specifically? When amps are below certain price points you may experience failures that are some what common over time (IE: certain amps are known for pilot light holders going bad, solder joints on input jacks cracking, arching ribbon cable connectors, arching on the PCB due to poor lay out of traces, etc.). If you have questions about a specific amp you can feel free to call me directly. BTW- I didn't buy it someone else got to it first. So setteled for a used Reverend Hellhound, same price, sounds way better. The Hellhound will sound a lot better (in my opinion) and is probably more up your alley over all sonically speaking. Glad to hear you are enjoying the new amp Have a great day Trace Thanks. It's my first non-Fender tube amp I've ever owned, I still have my '75 Twin but hate lugging it around anymore and most the other amps are just a bit too small ie. Blues Jr. or to big, ie. Super Reverb. The Reverend seems well built and has mocho power and plays well clean, way better than my BJ which I use for Jazz and small Rock gigs, but I like it for it's size.
  7. Originally posted by Voodoo Amps I know they have tube issues because of vibration which causes them to be subject to mycro-phonics, maybe because of the 15" speaker and playing at high volume. Any combo amp will be harder on tubes simply because the chassis is secured into the same enclosure as the speaker (also the tubes tend to be located very close to the chassis) so you will go through tubes sooner than you would on an amp head (par for the course). What about the power and output transformers, any problem there? Same as any other tube amp in the same price range. or blowing fuses, Fuses only blow when there is a short in the amp. reverb or tremolo issues? Is this a good amp for Jazz and clean 50's style Rock? How reliable is this amp? Much the same as any other tube amp in the same price bracket. Have a great day Trace Do you ever have an opinion or just walk the fence? I could have come up with the same conclusions my self. But thanks anyway. BTW- I didn't buy it someone else got to it first. So setteled for a used Reverend Hellhound, same price, sounds way better.
  8. Originally posted by psychodave I dont care if it is solid state, digital or tubes.... in fact I wish they could make a digital/solid state amp that is better than tubes. This way I wouldnt have to worry about tinkering with the amp. It would be plug and play. As for the topic, I felt that the Bogner was extremely heavy, but unusable since it was so bass heavy. This is just my .02 based on owning one. As a matter of fact I have an 80's something Roland Spirit 50 that blows away lots of tube amps and has great tone to boot, and is way better built than many new tube amps including my Blues Jr. and lots of Crate's of {censored}.
  9. My Reverend Hellhound kicks but for it's size. Clean or dirty it's 60 Watts of pure tone. Way better than I first thought. Good buy Blues Jr.
  10. Originally posted by VHF Now 357 is offering a free MP4 player if you buy a $125 gift certificate and supply them with a few e-mail addresses. Not nearly as good as a Les Paul but still not a bad deal. Screw that. I don't sell other peoples e-mail address, it's just plain wrong, what they are trying to do. Smells of Spam
  11. It's a good amp for what it is, I would not buy another one, as a used amp it was a good deal, as a new amp I think it is over ratted. It came with all new tubes and sounds great with my LP and my '62 RI Strat. I haven't gigged with it yet but think it will fill the room. I like it better than my Blues Jr. but not as well as my Roland JC 50, that's just weird. I think the Roland is better sounding and works great as a medium size gig amp, and has never let me down. If this amp fell off the edge of the world and you wanted it I'd help you get it with a big push, all kidding asside, I like it but most likely will sell it and try something else.
  12. Maybe he should change his image. Get a hair cut and wear a 3 piece suit, shine his shoes drive a Ford and play a Fender. But what the hell if you don't like him now you wouldn't like him then. I don't really give a {censored} what he does it's way better than all the RAP you hear out there, yet I don't have any of his music and most likely won't unless some one gives me a CD for Christmas. (hint)
  13. I think it's kind of poetic justice when you think of all the drugs he and his friends sold and used to get HIGH, any of them could have killed him and I bet it wasn't the first time he ever used a needle to inject a drug. One Tookie over the line Sweet Jesus , one Tookie over the line......
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