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  1. Oh yeah, my email is hardrockguitar@gmail.com.
  2. Mint condition with original box, manual, warranty card, power cord, footswitch, footswitch cable, etc... I have gigged this head 15+ times in the past 3 months, so you can rest assured this is a good one with ZERO ISSUES. Also, I always carry it in a case, which is why the amp is still in mint condition. I have a great reputation with buying/selling/trading gear online since 1997 and I'm the admin at www.rig-talk.com. I can provide several references if needed. Selling on the forums for $1,350 shipped. If it doesn't sell in a few days, it'll go to eBay for $1,400 or so to cover the extra expenses. I can take pics for those that are interested. I may be interested in amp trades as well, so feel free to shoot me a trade offer. Chris
  3. Alot of money for a beat up cab, Rola, or not. Those speakers sell for anywhere from $100-150 each without a cab.
  4. Here's an old clip I found. I have the amp dialed it waaaaaaay thicker than I would if I were to sit down and record a clip today, but I don't really have time to do that right now. http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/stiletto.mp3 Chris
  5. If it was in the original shell I'd definitely be interested. Really? Hmmm... That sucks. I need to get better pictures where you can see the chrome chassis next to the chrome treadplate. It looks freaking sharp!
  6. Is this switchable to 6L6? It doesn't have a switch on it, but I suppose it could be modded?
  7. This is ALOT of amp for $900 shipped. You can select tube or solid-state rectifier, 50 or 100 watts, numerous modes, etc... FOR EACH CHANNEL! You can also select the "bold" or "spongy" setting to vary the tone (the "spongy" is more brown sounding.) Like most Mesa's, it has a global volume and solo boost to cut through in a live situation. For $900, I'll ship it AND throw in a road case for free. Chris
  8. Hey guys, I don't have an extra headshell to sell. I apologize if I made it sound that way (did I?)
  9. The original headshell for the Stiletto is a lot sexier IMO. Good luck with your sale. If you have the original shell, I may be interested. I don't have it and I don't agree that it looks better either. I think the chrome chassis on the Stiletto looks killer in person with the treadplate headshell. That picture makes the chassis look black, so you're not getting the full chrome effect. Chris
  10. Just not playing the Stiletto lately, so she's up for trade. This is a unique Stiletto, in that it's installed in a Mesa recto headshell with treadplate front and genuine black Mesa recto knobs. Looks freaking GREAT! Easily in 9.5/10 condition. This is the Stage 1 model and it will ship with the footswitch, cable, head cover, manual, etc... Here's a quick pic, but I can get more detailed pics for those that are interested. Will sell outright for $900 shipped or trade towards one of the following amps (+/- cash as needed): - Bogner XTC - VHT Deliverance - Soldano SLO - Mesa Mark IV - Marshall JCM800 or 1959SLP Reissues (w/effects loops) - Marshall VintageModern - Other Marshall-inspired heads (Germino, Blockhead, Splawn, etc...) Email me at hardrockguitar@gmail.com with offers! I'm open to hearing about ANY amps, whether or not they're on the list above. Chris
  11. Now on eBay (item # 320084000928) for $1,249 BIN + $50 shipping. I'd ship it to a TGP or RT member for $1,250 total. Chris
  12. Nevermind about not asking questions here. lol! I thought I was on www.thegearpage.net for a minute.
  13. is that clip of the dry amp? I recorded the amp dry, then added reverb after recording. Thanks for pointing that out, as I forgot to mention it. I didn't use an OD pedal into the amp either. That's how much gain the amp has on it's own. If anyone has questions or comments, please either drop me an email or a PM. I think the mod gods will slap me around if I answer questions in this thread (which is goofy, but whatever...) Chris
  14. Here's a clip I made back in October. Sounds freaking great, doesn't it? It's a nice amp for sure. http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda45_1.mp3 My email is hardrockguitar@gmail.com. Chris
  15. Up for sale is my Budda SuperDrive 45 head in excellent condition. Everything on the amp functions perfectly with no issues PERIOD! Cosmetically, the amp is in 9.5/10 condition! There are some scratches on one of the black metal corner protectors, but that's it. No marks in the tolex at all. As I said, easily a 9.5/10 condition. The amp will ship in the original Budda box and come with an AC cable, as well as the stock single button footswitch for changing channels. The amp comes with the stock Groove Tube KT66 power tubes, Sovtek preamp tubes and a "Chinese" rectifier tube. Very low hours on all tubes! I gigged this amp twice and used it for a few rehearsals. I bought it from the original owner, who never gigged it or even used the amp much at all. The tubes still sound fresh and haven't been run hard AT ALL! Tons of life left. The amp has a smooth, thick, meaty tone that is super responsive to pick attack. It sounds incredible and is PERFECT for hard rock, blues, etc... I just want to try something else. If you like meaty, chewy high gain tones and darker almost vox-like clean tones, you WILL NOT be disappointed! Excellent amp. Will sell outright for $1,299 shipped or possibly trade for one of the items listed below (+/- cash). - VHT Deliverance 60/120 - Soldano Avenger - Roccaforte Custom 80 or HG100 - Marshall JVM410 - Mesa/Boogie Mark IV, Dual Racktifier - Splawn heads
  16. Listed on eBay for $1,649.99 + shipping. Still open to forum members for $1,600 + shipping. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=011&sspagename=STRK%3 AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=320078466208&rd=1&rd=1
  17. NOTE - This "package" includes the Budda SuperDrive 45 chassis (w/tubes), Budda 2x12" combo cabinet loaded with Celestion G12H30s, padded Tuki cover for the combo cabinet, an empty Budda SuperDrive head cabinet, and a power cable. The ultimate versatile Budda rig! All for only $1,600 + shipping. The street price on this combo is a $2,300 (and that obviously doesn't include the Tuki cover, upgraded speakers, or Budda head cabinet!) I have never seen another SuperDrive 45 2x12" combo pop up on eBay or the many message boards I frequent, so I think this is quite a find! The serial number is 003. The combo is loaded with two new 16ohm Celestion G12H30s that are broken in and branded as "Hellatone 30s" by www.avatarspeakers.com. The combo cabinet also has a pull handle on one side and two wheels built into the other side, so you can tilt and pull for easy transport! Very nice feature. The 2x12" combo also comes with a padded cover made by Tuki that's in great shape (not pictured.) The amp comes loaded with the stock preamp tubes and Groove Tubes KT66 power tubes that have barely been used. The previous owner (he bought it new) hardly ever played this amp. I only gigged it twice myself and used it at a few short rehearsals, so these tubes have ALOT of life left on them. Both the combo and head cabinets are in 9.5/10 condition and basically look brand new. There are a few marks in the pictures, but they're either from dust on the camera lens or marks that are so small they're only visible with the camera flash. I'm only selling this rig, because I'm into more modern tones right now and could use the cash for another purchase. There are NO issues with this rig! Everything works perfectly and sounds great! PICTURES: http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda1.jpg http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda2.jpg http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda3.jpg http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda4.jpg http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda5.jpg SOUND CLIP: http://www.chrissnider.net/temp/budda45_1.mp3 I've sold tons of high end amps and guitars (Diezel, Bogner, Soldano, Mesa, Marshall, Gibson, etc...) and have references out the wazoo, so please let me know if you need reassurance that I describe my stuff accurately and pack well. Please email me at hardrockguitar@gmail.com if you have any questions.
  18. what's the difference in the version with the white knobs and the new one with the black knobs? Not a thing. Some came with white knobs and others with black knobs. Same as the OCD and other Fulltone pedals.
  19. --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- SOLD --- Just got this rig to find out that I'm just not a Mesa Mark series type of guy. The TriAxis is verion 2.0 without the "phat mod," which I'm told is THE preferred configuration for this preamp. There are a few "dents" (for lack of a better term) in the front membrane thingy that look like something poked it in transit or something. The "pokes" don't go through the membrane thing and it doesn't affect the functionality in any way. When the unit is turned on, you don't even really see the 2-3 "divits." All functions are in perfect working order. There is some rack rash around the screw holes and a scratch or two on the top/sides/bottom. Just typical rack stuff, not extreme wear or anything. I just went through it with De-Oxit and cleaned all the jacks, so you're good to go there! The Mesa 2:50 is in a similar condition with typical rack wear around the screw holes and on top/sides/bottom. NOTHING BIG AT ALL! I also cleaned the jacks on this amp. Everything functions perfectly. As you can see from the first pic below, the units look very clean when racked. The front and back look great! Looking for a trade for another tube amp or sell outright for $1,500. I will include the Gator 6-space rack and has two wheels and a pull handle. I'm interested most in the following items, but I'm open to ANYTHING! Try me... Please email me at hardrockguitar@gmail.com to discuss. Thanks! Roccaforte Custom 80 or HG 100 Mark Cameron modded Marshalls VHT Deliverance 120, UltraLead, GP3/power amp Bogner Shiva or Uberschall Mesa Boogie Dual Recto (2 channel or Racktifier) Budda Twinmaster head
  20. These are the dimensions I supplied when I had the case custom made... In other words, these are the dimensions of a Diezel Einstein. Other amps may fit. Width: 23 1/8" (from right to left) Depth: 12" (from front to back) Height including feet and handle: 10 1/2" (from bottom to top) Height of the amp without feet and handle: 9 3/4" Height of the handle: 3/8" Height of the feet: 1/2" Width of the handle (how long): 10 3/8" Distance from the side of the amp to the interior of a feet: 3" NOTE - I used to be known on here as SgtThump. I've been doing deals online for almost 10 years and I have tons and tons and tons of references if needed.
  21. Nice ROADCASE for Diezel Einstein head! I'm selling a brand new "live in" style roadcase for a Diezel Einstein. This case is made by Angstrom Cases and it top of the line! It has the recessed butterfly latches and heavy duty ball corners. ATA APPROVED!!! The padding inside is made in such a way to where you don't have to remove the handle or rubber feet from your head to install it in this case. Very good idea!!! This case cost me around $290 a few months ago and I had to supply the dimensions and wait 2-3 weeks for it to be built. You can save money and the wait by getting my case right here for $200 shipped (in the CONUS). It's a PERFECT FIT! This is the only pic I have of the case at the moment. I can take more with the lids on and stuff if you need to see them. It's in perfect condition, though. Chris
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