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  1. This is the only re-issue Fuzz Rite made by Moserite amp and fuzz designer Ed Sanner eleven years ago. The original pedals were aluminum and often collapsed with road use. These examples are polished steel, original design along with hand-wired components. If you ever want an original Fuzz Rite and don't wish to pay hundreds of dollars, this is one of the last you'll find. New in box, no papers, as purchased. $175. Pictures on request.
  2. That's a rather low sum for what you seek. Try $200... used.
  3. Yeah, I would only expect it the effect to be usable for leads. I have heard some chord use with octave up but beyond that it's all wash. Thanks!!
  4. Is there an octave pedal that does one octave above and one below simultaneously? Because that's what I want. I once tried out a vintage Colorsound Octivider and it seemed to do both or maybe I just wished it did. Best sounding octave above effect I've played to this day. Any idea's?
  5. Nice! Not my first choice of color scheme but maybe they look better in person? Still, a cool modular version of the original, unwieldy Conga.
  6. Sounded like a really fat Les Paul into a modded plexi. Not bad for a 335 into an open back combo! Somebody get the straight info on this set up, please.
  7. Actually the lower speaker w/cut out on original Leslie units is almost as dramatic as the doppler tweeter. This lower section of the 122 is what inspired the "throb" effect of the Uni-vibe pedal and subsequent versions.
  8. Micro Vibe is okay for a quick vibe fix but they really are muddy at any band level volume. Save up $250-275 and get a used, boutique vibe pedal. There are easily twenty different versions out there with plenty of reviews here.
  9. For cheap and underated rack processors; Ibanez DMD2000 amd HD1000 delays are very guitar tone friendly and feature delay modulation.
  10. Damage Control's bulky but toneful, "Timeline or Glass Nexus".http://www.damagecontrolusa.com/pedals_ind.php?pedal=6http://www.damagecontrolusa.com/pedals_ind.php?pedal=5
  11. This Professor Hawking is old friends with Pink Floyd right? So you're not supposed to figure it out as much as just check it out..
  12. If you're happy with your current fuzz then by all means, go clean octave. It's actually the way to go since many octave above units suffer from inadequate fuzz. This way you're not limited by anything including the ability to have octave above/below or both!http://www.analogman.com/octronf.htm
  13. One often overlooked aspect of Vegas is where does one go for normal shopping needs? With all the Las Vegas Blvd fantasy it's hard to know which way normal is. There's a shopping mall and other stores on Maryland Parkway between Flamingo and Sahara, east of the strip. Have a wonderful time and beware of "Vegas fever" or too much fun!
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