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  1. Oh and a little question, what is the meaning of a volume pedal being "passive"? thanks
  2. Originally posted by king-albert Marshall Shredmaster. Look! I'm sellling one... No.. thanks
  3. Last ones I tried were the Subdecay Blackstar Distortion and Kaden Brown Creeper. Crap Im using Ibanez RG's into a Laney LC-30II which takes pedals very well. Any suggestions?
  4. Your Top 5 distortion pedals that are worth checking out (FOR SERIOUS PLAYING)! |m| |m| INCLUDING boutique of course Important: "Standalone" pedals, as in going into a clean amp, not pushing an already overdriven one. A brief description of each would be good. My Top5: -Zoom Trimetal.. Ok that's the only one I've liked
  5. I think Im more interested in the midi mate because of its simplicity + smaller size, with the other two options the expression pedals are ALWAYS there even if you dont need them.
  6. Hi, I need your help to choose betweeen the Rocktron midi mate, Art X-15 and Behringer FCB1010 which are the only ones I can afford. I think the most important function is to be able to change between a few presets with 1 tap, and then turn on/off each effect in the current preset. Thanks for your advice
  7. Originally posted by negative sleep noobs. Its spelled Knobs. DUH
  8. Originally posted by DJLantz444 If you can find a small clone online for $40, I'll order it right now. No joke. Theres one for 45 now
  9. so is there a unit that does both with separate footswitches... wait i could just buy them separately
  10. hmmm that was pretty hard for my ear to difference... Cool sounds thuough!
  11. Hmmm thanks, what I dont get is how the Small Clone can be as versatile as those 5 knob units..
  12. Most 1 effect units have both effects, so what is the difference? I dont get it? THanks
  13. Im looking fot that "last chorus you'll ever buy" stompbox, versatile, great quality, could be boutique but nothing too expensive. Thanks a lot!
  14. The display shows everything fine I've checked to see its connected properly and still the sound wont change it just passes by (bypass is off. ) What can I do?
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