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  1. Been playing too long for how not great I am...lol... Have a decent amount of gear...Vintage 30 cabs...all the stuff I mentioned before...a few other guitars,amps, modellers...blah blah blah. I love that it has a sound that is truly alive. It does not play itself..but d**n, it is harmonically rich...and makes me wanna just shred. And true inspiration is priceless. Still wish it had an effects loop...but not a showstopper.
  2. I miss the amp when I am away from it. Play almost everything...Fusion..metal...jazz..blues..rock...funk. Been playing 23 years. Using it with a buncha guitars. So far...love everything...hate nada. Favorite feature is the fatness. I had just retubed this thingie with TAD 6L6 tubes...and they were ok...but I really had to diminish the highs via presence, eq and loading the power amp with 5751 tubes in the inverter slots to tame the trebles...and that was NOT what I was looking for...These are similar to the Sovtek 6L6 WXT+ ...fat and squishy with the TungSol 12ax7's. Love those things. They
  3. Um..welllll..I play a bit of everything, but tend towards heavier styles...I love classic metal,newer metal,disco,flamenco,funk,classical,jazz,old rap (NWA !!),blues...who cares? I like all of it..well...except for most modern rap, generic "R&B" and reggeaton..barf...that {censored} sucks....but if you like it...good for you..seek help. I can't imagine you would have reached this review if that is your cup of tea..lol Surprisingly, it is a good match for fusion-y type heavy instrumental stuff...it does not really make your preamp lose it's balls (unless it was borderline already) BUT it
  4. Been playing like...23 long ass years. Play Les Paul,strat,tele,yamaha, etc. This really does what it says it will do...I guess I'm always looking for a way to get my sound smoother...I was hoping this would get me closer to that..if there is any loss of trebles here..I'm not hearing it....and I switched the treble saddles in my Les Paul as well...don't hear it there either.Blech. Really...both guitars sound pretty damn good...I suppose I need to die and be reincarnated as the metalhead version of Eric Johnson to get what I want....oh well! Can't rate these low. They do exactly as claimed..
  5. I play shreddy metal fusion-y stuff.And blues,,funk..flamenco.Pseudo classical..rock. Whatever. No punk. Been playing 23 years. Have Strat,tele, the basics. Works like a charm. Wish I bought one years ago. This absolutely helps me make music. Clean,smooth, inspirational tones without those tinny odd harmonics produced by the stock bridge. I love it love it love it. If stolen I would buy 2 more just so that I would never be without for a minute. As for my closing thoughts and other things I would like to share...ahem.... I think for the prices that Gibson charges for a friggin' stock Les
  6. Been playing 23 years...old old old. Playing a Les Paul Classic with PRS dragon ll's, Fender AM Strat with HS3 in the bridge..(shocked how great that p/u is with assloads of gain. man.).Fender AM Tele...other stuff. I won't get this again for THIS poweramp...I might try it in a dark amp to brighten it up...good detail. Just too bright. (for me)
  7. I play fusion-y metal shred type stuff...psychedelia...Andy Summers-esque heavily chorused clean stuff..blues ...whatever. It works fine for all of it. Been playing like... 23 years... holy krap...gettin' old. I truly love the difference it has made in my sound. Amazing such a cheapo thing has made such a substantial difference.I don't hate anything about it...like I said..the hiss is very minor ..and that is with the poweramp cranked. I chose this based on reviews and shootouts on the tubestore site (very informative) Compared to GT12ax7M and 12ax7EH...these are all pretty heavily flavored tu
  8. I would buy this pickup again...it is different from most of the pickups out there...I mean..I have not used a lot of the Rio Grande stuff or Kinmans, etc...but I have used my share of aftermarket and revered manufacturers (PRS.Gibson,Duncan,Carvin,Dimarzio,Fender,EMG,etc) This has had a bit of an abstract approach....using a low output to play high gain stuff...seems nutty...but...it holds detail better than ANY of the other pickups I have used. Have owned VHT,Yamaha,Carvin,Gibson,Fender, a buncha other krapola..lol. Been playing over 20 years...eek. I love the balance of this pickup...I
  9. Metal,fusion,jazz,hard rock, classic rock,shred, power pop,psychedelia, whatever!I like all of it if it is done well, and I try to do whatever I do well.( nice run-on sentence, eh?) It is a good match in the phase inverter slot. It smoothed my tone a little without taking any balls away from the amp. Which is a good thing. Not a good match for me (in all applications),but if I had a classic rock gig...they would be in EVERY position! As always, let your own ears be the judge. This is a little more money than a lot of tubes out there (EH are like 8-9 bucks...and also a very balanced tube) but
  10. Hard rock,classic rock,metal,fusion,classical,shred,flamenco...whatever. Been playing around 20 years. Gear listed above and trying to get more.(yikes) I would buy it again if lost or stolen, but honestly, I would consider a Fulltone more quickly just to see if it is even better than this one. If this IS your max budget...I would definitely recommend this one. Sounds great! Much better than Crybaby or Morley offerings I have tried....But I have not tried the new Fasel wah from Dunlop or the Vai stuff from Morley.....better yet. Don't do what I did. Go check them all out first and let your own
  11. Been playing 20 years.I play hard rock,metal,fusion,classical, jazz,shred,blues,psychedelic,country... whatever!This is a good match for anything.I have several guitars,Running a/b/y config with a Digitech GSP2101,carvin T100 and 2 celestion vintage 30 1-12" cabs with my 2-12 VHT combo. Killer combination and this fits right in.I love the sound and strongly dislike the design FOR BATTERIES. With an adapter, it is more manageable, because you really won't worry about the battery in the compartment,etc. As for other delays,I tried the Digitech Digiverb and had an Electro Harmonix Memory Man(tr
  12. Surprisingly good for many styles.In front of a dirty amp--blues to metal. In front of a clean amp, boosted,compressed clean to classic rock.I have been playing almost 20 years(Doh!)...using it with gear mentioned before. I would certainly buy it again if lost or stolen, and I intend to try one of his Boss DS-1 mods...just for some variation and getting that Steve Vai tone...( he DOES use a Keeley DS-1 in front of his Legacy amps) Of course, I may not be able to get that with my amp rig anyway, but I'm gonna find out!My favorite feature is that it retains the character of the amp while adding
  13. Been playing for almost 20 years.Sheesh,that sounds bad.I own lots of other recording stuff...some amps and a mish-mash of things that are essential to me.If it were lost...well, that would make me pretty stupid.If stolen...well, that would suck, but thats why I pay {censored}loads in Homeowners Insurance for every year.They can pay for something for a change. I love the aliveness of the amp.It can be a bit intimidating as a lead players amp at first, but it really does reward clean playing...I have used lots of other rigs that no matter how clean you played, it would still add artifacts th
  14. [Comments] If lost or stolen(uh...it's installed in my guitar?),I would not be happy, but I would either buy it again or check out some of their other offerings....I do not know if it is THAT sound....we are always looking for different elements of our character to be expressed thru our equipment, but it is A sound that I like very much.And it does help me to get my point across. I have been playing for a while (15+ years)I chose this because of the positive reviews here, the coil splitting capability, and yes, shallowly enough for the nickel covers to go with my goldtop.( killer look, by the
  15. I play heavy metal, progressive fusion rock,jazz,flamenco,a little classical and some funk.In that order. This is a very high quality cable, and I have no reservations recommending it for any style of music. I have been playing (ick)around 20 years...damn, I really AM old!:)If lost, I would not hunt anyone down, pork them with pork and beans or any other crazy stuff, but I would go out and get new ones...matter of fact, I need some new short ones for patches..(which they will also do in shorter sizes.)which I will be ordering soon. Does it hurt or help make music? ANYTHING which makes ME sou
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