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  1. That sounds very good! What is the signal chain on that clip?
  2. Originally posted by hoerni Any pictures of this wah? I've never seen one that uses a linear pot. Is it a standard treadle pedal with a connection to the linear pot, or do you slide your foot? Sorry I don't have any pics of it. It works like a normal wah, but has a string connected to the back of the pedal that goes through the chassis and over to the pot. The pot is spring loaded. I don't know if there are any real advantages in doing it like this. Maybe they did it to get a lower chassis. I don't know. I'll look for the right stuff to clean it with, thanks!
  3. I have a Automagic Silvermachine wah with a scratchy pot I can't get cleaned. I have sprayed it with WD-40 several times, but no luck. This has always worked before. I have a feeling I need a new pot. What sucks is that this isn't the standard wah pot. These wahs use those "slider" pots like a volume fader on a mixer if you know what I mean. Any tips on cleaning other than spraying it with WD40? Thanks
  4. Originally posted by burchyk Krakow, Gdansk are good places if you happen to be in Krakow you may check "Wielichka" - the salt mine, there's museum now. it even has a small temple inside, alot of cool stuff made from salt. oh, and i beleive Blackmore's Night did a gig inside last year. I've been there. It is crazy huge. One full size church and lots of small temples, Other big stuff and miles and miles of hallways. I think you have to walk for months to see everything...
  5. Just use duet or quartet instead of acapella in the URL. I don't think they work anymore... Haven't worked for me after the big crash this weekend. But acapella seems to work fine for me now.
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