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  1. Yeah just like spending $300 on a pedal is the definitive source for overhyping some weak ass overdrive circuit. you need a hug, brah?
  2. Killer guitar there, congrats Rev. And good on Loobs for the work involved.
  3. Sorry it it's been asked a thousand times, but what's the blue pedal on the upper left? DBD?
  4. Lovepedal Vibe MP Tiny Orange Phaser
  5. Smooth HC transactions with: Moshaholic, theweight, mytakamine, BTBAM, Dominick, LWatford-2, shaun126, gorebuc, wwhhaatt, Servant, angelhair0, (((echo))), rinkrat6821, iualum, Cadd99, sbrett, sanyc, solly, theinTIMidator, Small Stone, Crxshdxmmy, pianorocker, NITEFLY182, bennintexas, Zoidberg, Nathan_C, Dr.Picklebottom, Scott K, Belt, Raskolnikovs axe, pauloticks, el quapo, ampman1989, Sixtonoize, murch33, Fender&EHX4ever, rileykill, chu2, tubejay, Mer2112, jmo928, thirsty one, rabott13, wilsoneffectsll, theshoegazer, CantoXIII, HumanElement, The Caper Kid, doug deeper
  6. Today's Axe FX tomorrows POD? Have you played both? No? Oh, ok.
  7. Do you mean "analog long" or "digital long"? For the DMM, anything over 300-350 ms is considered "long". For the RV-3, "long" can mean anything from 1000 to 2000 ms. From about 300ms on.
  8. PaulC Tim Malekko Spring Chicken Analogman AR20DL EHX Big Muff w/wicker Skreddy Lunar Module Red Witch Pentavocal Analogman Bi-Chorus Boss RC-2 Foxrox Octron Subdecay Echobox
  9. Skreddy Echo did OK for tape echo simulation at very short delay times but got way too noisy on longer times.
  10. I had one. And they go for around $750-800 used. There's one at TGP for like $750.
  11. you could always get a TTE and feel confident that it will actually work
  12. Tasty playing as usual... I think a better amp would really let that pedal rawk out a little more of course.
  13. that shit is not handwired tho
  14. OH man, prepare for ultimate tone
  15. oh that makes sense. I got a Klon for that
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