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  1. I'm in a band and we want to explore using tracks. I get the concept of how it general works. My main confusion lies in how do you add a properly timed click track to a back track. We would have the drummer using an ipad and in ear monitors, Want left channel click in his ear and right channel the track to front of house. I've been trying to research but the answer doesn't seem to jump out at me. Do most programs have the click feature built in and you just set it? Or do you have to create your own and add it in? Kind of lost on this part.
  2. Thinking this sounds difficult and easy. For live performances I'd like to find a usb hub that I could plug like 8 web cams into and place them in various places on stage and use some sort of program on a computer or iPad that will randomly switch between the cameras and randomly switch special video effects. Anyone know of a program that would do that ? I have two tvs with a splitter ready up go. Feel like there would be some sort of existing program that just switches from camera up camera adding different effects and then just display it in the tvs live while we're playing. Any thoughts?
  3. I may just take your suggestion of an endpin preamp. I did take the guitar apart and all the wires everywhere look properly in place. Think it would take more investigation cost than its worth for the amount of time I'd actually spend using it through an amp, which is rare as it is. I'm in a 90's rock cover band and could use it but with all the other toys I buy probably not a good investment right now to spend investigational money. I appreciate everyones input.
  4. I have always replaced the batteries when I tested it. I just did again with some nice new ones. when I plug it in some of the notes come through but in general sounds like someone breathing too hard into a mic with their hand cupped around it. The connections look good.nice and sturdy. From a visual point of view it looks great, externally anyways. I was overdue to swap the strings anyways so have them off and feeling around inside.I used my phone with the light on to video and look around inside. Everything looks connected and good. I think next course of action then will be to take the preamp out and take a look around. I've had this guitar for quite a while. I bought it new and wasn't long after the warranty ran out that this happened. It's always been treated very well so for anything to happen to it is just bad luck rather than abuse. I'll report again.
  5. I bought a Ibanez aeg18 years ago. I never did anything bad to it I can think of but somehow something broke in the electronics and when I plug it into an amp it just sounds horrible. I tried searching eBay for complete replacement parts but couldn't find any. Could take it anywhere and pay a lot to get it diagnosed but want to check here first the steps to take to check if it's the pickup, the input or the tuner/eq. Any thoughts of where to start?
  6. Thanks for that clarification. I think that helps. I did read the manual fyi but didn't have the plain English I needed. Many thanks guys. Knew I could count on you
  7. Not sure what category I should post this so since I'm a guitarist this is where it's going. Can move as necessary. Thanks. So I'm in a 90s rock cover band, 90s til dawn, and we have had to provide our own sound for a few shows. I have a basic 8 channel mixer with pa speakers that's been just good enough, but not enough. Got ahold of a Mackie 1604vlz mixer with 16 xlr inputs and 6 monitor channels. It's pretty sweet. I have a question though I'm confused about on using monitors on stage. Since I have 6 aux outs that I can adjust for on stage monitors does that mean I only have 6 channels I can use on monitors? Example, if I have 3 vocals and 3 guitars (1 is bass) and 5 drum channels, 11 channels total, would only the first 6 inputs be monitor mixable? So would i have to pick and choose what 6 instruments/vocals I want in the monitors and make sure their plugged into the first 6 channels? Been trying to watch YouTube videos and what not but just Need clarifying. Hope this makes sense.
  8. Have had my boss gt10 for some time now and still feel like an amateur with it. Recently all my high gain channels seem to have a horrible white noise buzz when I'm not playing. Would this be a bigger issue with the unit itself? Sucks playing on stage and having to switch to that channel and Loud buzz for no reason is buzzing until the song starts. Also, I've asked this questing a million times and I'm gonna go mad. I've got my control 2 set to delay. I have a fs6 attached and I set it to tap tempo. So control 2 turns delay on and off and one of my fs6 sets the tempo? I've emailed support, asked on numerous forums and everyone just says set it to tap tempo. Well I do that and I can tap the tempo and watch the number change in the screen but the damn delay never changes to that tempo. What in God's name am I doing wrong. Almost feel like I have to go buy a separate delay cause I absolutely can't figure out how to get the delay to match the tempo in the display.
  9. when I first started playing guitar and getting good I was using guitars with Floyd rose systems. I found the to be kind of a pain cause I like to tune different frequently. So I ended up going over to Schecter guitars and getting set bridges, mainly non floating bridges. and I love those guitars. I recently bought a PRS S2 custom 24 and swapped out the inside block from John Mann. My main question, mainly because I have nothing to compare against, is that it seems like when I start to dive a little with the whammy bar I lose my tone and sustain pretty drastically. Is that normal? I expect some but maybe it's just me but I just feel the overall tone goes to garbage faster than I would expect. I don't use it a lot but when I do I have some higher expectations of making the sound stay a little clear so I can be intentional with the sound I'm trying to make. Anyone have any perspective for me?
  10. I have a Blackstar HT-40 amp, which I really like. Been gigging lately and it's starting to take some abuse from going in and out of the car. Don't have money for a big road case but I did buy a dust cover for it and was wondering if a particle board, kind of like a clipboard wood, but big enough to cover the front of the amp would stay glued to the inside of the fabric on it. So basically it would protect the speaker and the knobs on the front. Was thinking if I cut it to the size of the front portion of the cover and used a liquid nail, or gorilla glue of some sort all over do you think it would stay relatively in place glueing wood to fabric? I would glue it to the inside front of the cover and the rest of the cover would just be soft sided. Think my plan would work?
  11. I just bought an FS6 pedal to add to my GT-10. I bought a tip ring cable for it. I've played with the polarity settings on it and when I select control 4 it turns my control 2 on. When I hit my control 3 it doesn't do anything. I've made sure to go into my control settings and match some of my control 1 and 2 settings over to 3 and 4. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  12. So I was at Metallica last week and was completely awesome. They obviously have an enormous budget but gave me a small scale idea and was wanting some input for live stage effects. Here is my thought but don't know what kind of hub or computer app to use, if possible. But the idea is to take 4 microphone stands and get some cheap web cam size cameras to put on each one. Then plug them into a hub of some sort that then plugs into my laptop and then use the out to a TV on stage. I want the app to switch between the cameras and do different effects. I have a TV and a laptop so I think the budget would be reasonable to buy some used mic stands and cheap cameras. Would just need to know what kind of hub and an app that would do something like that. Any thoughts? or even something like a mutli camera security system that switches between each camera on the monitor but adds filters/effects on the screen. ‚ÄčEdit: I found a cool program magiccamera. Anyone know if I would just use a multi usb hub and plug in multiple cameras to that or if I'd need a special hub to switch around?
  13. Playing with someone for me. But if not possible a looper has been great for me as well. for being a lead guitarist this has helped me immensely.
  14. one more question. There is a same set up but has a dual single looking humbucker in the bridge. Should I bother with a humbucker back there? I already have a couple humbucker guitars. Should I truly switch this from HSH to SSS? or would HSS be worthwhile?
  15. any thoughts on this? Getting some funds this week: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HDCustom-BLUE-SILVER-RED-Lace-Sensor-LOADED-Strat-Pickguard-WHITE-PEARL-White-/302025076640?hash=item465218efa0:g:1EUAAOSweXhXmC6W
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