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  1. I am lefty and I play lefty. If the argument that lefty's are better off playing righty than logic would have manufacturers building more left-handed instruments no? So that the "dominant" right handed population could all play lefty, the point being that if it is indeed more beneficial for lefty's to play right-handed guitars than it should be equally to the advantage of righties to allplay left -handed guitars. The thought of lefty guitars made by every major brand in every conceivable model just makes me salivate!
  2. Hey idiotboy thats really quite strange, maybe we were: "Synchronicity", like that Police song huh? Joe, are you sure that it is a Jupiter 4? Or does it just sound like one to your ears?
  3. Do any of you synth hound forumites know? Also was a step sequencer used for those dreamy, overlapping sounds? Thanks!
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