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  1. Anyone have any experience with the Washburn Wonder Tremelo unit? Pros, cons? There is a guitar on ebay with one installed on it that I'm looking at. How does it differ from Floyds and Kahlers? Tuning stability? I have heard that it is more stable. Is this true in your experience? Thanks.
  2. Come one, let go of today...... take a trip down memory lane, close your eyes and go back...go back.....
  3. Time seemed to stand still. There was a genuine, if naive kind of optimism that I miss. Despite the decade being called "decadent" people appreciated things more than today-at least I did. How about that feeling of anticipation when opening up that record that you just bought from Strawberries "Records & Tapes". The fresh smell of processed cardboard. The cover artwork. Reading the bold, elegantly printed lyrics. It was a visual, musical, and almost gastonimcal experience-like experiencing fine wine or expensive cigars.
  4. Saw a clip last week from an old Star Trek episode of Spock with his Vulcan Lyre. Imagine having a lyre like that custom made with a pick up installed in it? Oh and I originally planned on posting this thread under the "Lyres and Kitharas" category on the forum by the way but decided to go with "Electric Guitars"
  5. Too bad......well there's always those paper thin crystal wine glasses!
  6. So you tired it? What does it sound like? A poor man's Cello?
  7. Anyone try that. Wouldn't that be cool?
  8. I am lefty and I play lefty. If the argument that lefty's are better off playing righty than logic would have manufacturers building more left-handed instruments no? So that the "dominant" right handed population could all play lefty, the point being that if it is indeed more beneficial for lefty's to play right-handed guitars than it should be equally to the advantage of righties to allplay left -handed guitars. The thought of lefty guitars made by every major brand in every conceivable model just makes me salivate!
  9. Anyone own or have experience playing one? Supposed to be an up and coming luthier making some very nice LP style guitars.
  10. Wow! I'd say in the last 3 years Newburgh and Gibson era Steinbergers are fetching more money than ever! The demand for them seems to be really blooming. Try finding a GL2T or GL4T (original all graphite paddle shaped guitar) for less than $21000 now. That's more than they went for new back in the 80's/early 90's. The M-series Steinbergers are also fetching high prices now it seems.
  11. How does this pick up compare to a Dimarzio Super Distortion? Is it hotter? Less output? Does it have more definition than the Dimarzio? I am looking at this as an option along with a Super Distortion for a Les Paul.
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