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  1. I have an ash tele (52 RI) and strat (56 NOS). Both sound fantastic. They are both quite well balanced with the vintage voiced pickups. Ash bodied Fenders with maple boards and nitro finishes are my favorites. The high end has amazing transparency and bell-like cleans. Awesome. You can't beat ash for classic Fender tones. Both of my ash guitars are exceptionally light (less than 7 pounds). But I've played some very heavy (read cheaper) ash guitars.
  2. Ha! Crappy strings. A nightmare for packaging. A marketing ploy that flopped like granny's boobies.
  3. My favorite has always been Rickenbacker's Fireglo and Mapleglo (especially if it's an aged Mapleglo). They are both unique colors that I have not seen anyone else duplicate. They also remind me of the Beatles--although John refinshed is Mapleglo guitar in black. I also like the homemade paint job on "Rocky."
  4. Only one person has mentioned green (surf green). I'm diggin' the Gretsch orange with the gold hardware and aluminum Bigsby.
  5. Be specific. Don't just reply "black" or "red." Let's hear the technical name, like "Jetglo" or "Dakota Red." Just curious.
  6. Originally posted by lunetta77 Hello all I have a hollow artcore (ak85); I want to practice while my wife studies, but this guitar is way too loud even without amp. I'm using headphones, but I'm wondering if there's a non-agressive way of covering the f-holes (if I stick tape there, there will be glue residues on my guitar body), so the sound would be dampened. any ideas? thanks I'm not sure if the F-holes actually add much volume to your guitar. It would probably be just as loud if they were not there. I would definitely be careful putting synthetic materials like foam in my guitar. It could react with the finish on the edges of the F-holes and leave dull spots or worse. We have a standing rule in our house that noone can complain about guitar noise between the hours of 10 AM and 11 PM. All three of us (my son, my wife, and I) play, so it is often noisy around here, but as long as it is not at dangerous volume levels, we do not complain. There are occasional exceptions.
  7. So, you folks really want to sound like Steve Vai? Just exactly what is his sound? To my ears, it's not very distinctive nor distinguished (e.g., BB King, Robert Cray, etc). He's a great entertainer, though, and I enjoy watching him play live.
  8. I have been playing for more than 35 years. This is a guitar that I have wanted for a long time, and I am glad I bought it. It is way better than my DeArmond Starfire that it is replacing. As much as I enjoyed the DeArmond, it is going up for sale soon. I love the tone. It is beyond description, so, sorry. I did my best under "sound" above. When I was shopping, I played an ES 137, ES 333, ES 175 and a couple of Heritage H535s. The ticker bodied Gibsons were too woofy for me, although they have a certain charm. The 333 was just too cheap looking for me. The Heritage guitars were beautiful and would make a fine alternative. This 335 sounded so perfect, that I looked no further. Besides the tone, I also like the lightburst finish and flamed maple top, back and sides (it looks like Jimmy Page's Les Paul in terms of color and figure...really!) I love the feel of the neck and the beautiful peral inlay on the holly headstock. I like the fact that the hardware is professional grade; again when compared with the cheap wiring and pots on the DeArmond, you begin to understand the difference between an import copy and the real deal. I did not appreciate the sloppy work on the neck binding, but the frets are really well done. As I said earlier, if you are not into doing your own setup work, don't leave the shop without arranging for a professional setup. If you order one from Musicians Friend or American Musical, you had better budget extra cash for a setup when it arrives. Finally, I recommend working with a good local dealer (no, I am not in the business!). They can often beat the lowest Internet prices. In my case, the dealer came down $250 from the lowest price I found on the net. I did have to pay tax, but I still was ahead $130, and I know that if I have any problems, the dealer will work with me. The case on my Historic Les Paul split at the seam, and the dealer replaced it immediately, no questions asked. So, find a good local dealer. Anyone who can buy a guitar at Guitar Center or Sam Ash must have better ears than me, because I cannot hear myself think in those stores, even if they let me use a private room. There is so much noise...music playing, videos blaring, drummers, keyboardists, crappy guitarists playing Enter Sandman, gawd...gimme a break. Find a good dealer and you will not be disappointed.
  9. I play in a metal band. I record my own jazz/prog music (http://www.coe.unco.edu/jeffbauer), and I play in a worship band. So I have a bunch of guitars and amps for all occasions. I own four classic Rickenbackers, two American Strats, three Les Pauls including a 58 Historic Figuretop (all of them recent Gibsons, not Epis), a reissue Jazzmaster, and a Guild Starfire. I have played for 36 years continually, so I have lots of stuff. I really am enamoured by this Tonelab. It simply sounds terrific from pristine clean Fender tones to triple rectifier Boogie mayhem. It is way more accurate and convincing than the POD, and it works much better live than my POD ever did. My POD seemed to have its own mind when it came to setting volume levels in the memory. The POD also sounds boxy and fizzy when wound up. Even the effects and the reverbs on the Tonelab are well voiced--with the possible exception of the tremolo which I can't seem to get quite right. But the most important things, the amp models and the speaker models, are amazing. They capture the character of their prototypes very well. Again, if the display offered more information, this would easily get a 10. I tried the software using my Mac and everything worked fine, but unlike the POD, you do not need the computer interface to accomplish deep editing. It can all be done with the unit itself. I am going to reassemble my pedal board and make this its centerpeice.
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