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  1. Originally Posted by mmolteratx Also got this Pigtronix Infinity Looper. Not so sure about this one. Doesn't really have any advanced functions and it isn't as seamless as the Boomerang. Better as a practice tool, not as good for ambient stuff, which is a bummer considering that's what I wanted it for. But it is a great practice tool so I might hang onto it. Really nice audio quality and it can record for hours with the stock SD card. Will have a more in depth review tomorrow after I get to spend more time with it. Run the firmware update function on the Infinity Looper application to get the latest update and it will be perfectly "SEAMLESS"
  2. Is this still for sale? I would buy it in a heartbeat!
  3. I just posted my first batch of SOUND CLIPS using the Tremvelope Check out, "Sunrise" that is the one I like best.
  4. Here are my first batch of SOUND CLIPS for the Tremvelope
  5. I think this is proof that Steve Lukather digs the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone. Thanks to Bob Bradshaw and CAE! Sustain is not easy.
  6. Pigtronix Echolution has been updated with a more accurate tap tempo function and "DUB" mode. Anyone who has an Echolution can get it updated. In addition to the improved tap tempo, the following features have been added with this update: - Loop function now includes "Dub" mode. Hold down the tap tempo swich in Loop mode to add new material. - Reverse function enabled in all three settings (Short / Med / Long) of the Modulation mode. More details here: http://www.pigtronix.com/PHIupdate.html
  7. tone is good and sounds like an MI Audio Crunchbox to me but please move one of the jacks to the other side and give us some different diode clipping combinations ala another switch....1N4148s for starters...lol. BTW I met you in person before at a Guitar Show last year and bought a Phi Echolution pedal from you... Thanks Custom Shop options like additional diode clipping options are no problem. Just email me That said, we did try out a lot of variations to find the ticket on this one. I also feel like this is the first time that I have thrown down some really solid clips for one of our new pedals. In the quest for tone, this is a destination I am happy to have come to.
  8. Jack placement aside, it sounds like a good overdrive. How does it sound at unity gain? I assume it's true bypass, so that's not an issue. How's it sound if you roll off your volume? Questions left to be answered. It is true bypass indeed. This clip shows volume knob variation: http://www.pigtronix.com/audio/XES/volumeKnob.wav This clip is going between middle pickup (single coil) and bridge (humbucker) http://www.pigtronix.com/audio/XES/Layla.wav
  9. Does stereo delay have any effect on the sound overall? I understand the point of ping-pong type stuff, but what about stereo delay that's not really ping pong? It sounds great on a POD where you can pan the delays hard left and right but I wonder how it would make a difference in a two amp setup. Finally, what is the best stereo delay? DL-4? Phase inverted stereo outputs combined with subtle delay time modulation via LFO gives you the classic ambient spread that surrounds you in a room and makes the soul warm. Just don't sum those phase inverted outputs into a mono signal or you will hear NO DELAY. Echolution is the best stereo delay. Its like of having six Stereo Memory Man pedals all synced up to the same clock. DL-4 sounds like Plastic. www.Pigtronix.com
  10. Jack placement aside... what about the tone? http://www.pigtronix.com/audio/XESaudio.htm Here is the rig I'm using:
  11. I don't have the proper codec to play the audio files I'll call the admin to hook me up You can get the mp3 versions here: http://www.pigtronix.com/audio/XES/Aria_mp3/
  12. Spent the last few days doing some recording with the new Pigtronix Aria pedal. I am pretty psyched about the tones I got on tape. Check out my clips and let me know what you think: http://www.pigtronix.com/audio/XESaudio.htm
  13. I would like to try one but it goes to high prices in Europe (169 euro + shipment!). I'd buy one on US webshop but I prefer to have it with its own 15v adaptor. I noticed that my bass player's White Finger runs at 40v. How much high voltage is important for compressor? Is it for better headroom? Yeah, headroom is everything when it comes to compression! The most you can run into the Philosopher's Tone is 24VDC... The audio signal, an AC signal, is biased up to a DC voltage level that is roughly 1/2 of the total DC power supply voltage. With a 15 volt supply, the audio centers at 7.5volts, with the ability to swing in-between 0 volts and 15 volts. It never actually goes all the way down to 0 or all the way up to 15VDC but you get the idea here. With an 18 volt supply, the audio signal rides up at 9 volts and has nearly 9 volts of room to swing in either direction. This is headroom! When the audio signal runs out of room, it clips, and that sucks in a compressor.
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