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  1. I've been playing since the Sgt Pepper release. I own a plethera of guitars including a Takemine that I'm not a big fan of. I wish I could have sourced the Korean version, I'm happy with the Chinese one anyway. I would want this guitar replaced as it is a great acoustic. There is no other Acoustice like the EJ160-E
  2. I've played through Classic rock when it was new! I have owned many guitasr and gadgets though the Millenium. I love my '73 Strat, my Godin SDxt, and my new Brian May Red Special. I have a Takamine, Kramer, & Yamaha nylon acoutic. I also have Dan electro double neck, a Brownsville 7-string, a Washburn "Miller Genuine Draft" EVH style guitar, 5-string Bass Amp ways I have a JC120, 2 MKIIB's Marshall 20trem 2x12 cabinet. I own a larger assortment of stomp boxes that I have collected and used once in awhile through the Palezoic era. They have been essentially been replaced by my new BOSS GT-8 COSM modelling Floorboard as well as GK-20 Guitar synth. I used to use a SGX2000Express preamp but retired it recently. This amp was chosen to recreate Brian's sound faithfully and it does with my Red Special. I wish it had a big sister model with an effects loop and a bigger speaker I'd like a dry direct out co-join the inputs to two others and run threeVBM-1's for the Wall sound.
  3. I've been playing since 1973, I have a bought and sold lot's of gear of the years. I 've kept my old '73 Strat and my Mesa Boogie MKIIB's An old Cry Baby is still about A JC120 I love my Godin SDxt guitar. I have a Recording Studio so I won't go into detail there. If it were ripped from possesion I would get another one! I love the tone! The feel is very nice but you adjust as soon as you get into the driver's seat. I'm not sold on the Trem it just doesn't look like the original but I've seen Brian live tune after diving on a Brighton rock solo. I know that a Floyd Rose is against the grain but the Grovers are a nice counter action I've always coveted Brian's Grand Lady. I have one and now feel cosmically connected. I will record with it as often as possible. Just a shout out to the vintage friends, try to embrace some of the new amp technology, you can get to places you never thought possible with an open mind and ear.
  4. dbfs

    ART SGX-2000 Express

    I play all kinds, mostly rock and/or roll, I guess. I also produce local artists. Can't play all the time. I've been playing since I was 11 years young. I'm 44, you do the math, I'm too old there was no calculator in the SGX. I own alot of undesireable guitars & older gear that kicks about. I like trying new gear to keep me young and help me through mid life crisis. I'm still married so my wife understands. I think I've got my run with the SGX. They're not worth much anymore so NO I wouldn't replace it, but I would want it to go to a nice home and not some bargain bin. My nephew, said I can still shred so it's gotta be worth something. There's lotsa companies that ripped the SGX off by now. So depreciation isn't an issue, it has been very good to me. Line6/POD's Boss GT-8's Digitech GNX's etc have combined Digital Signal Processing tone & flexibilty, but the SGX still goes to 11, check the input knob. Versatility has kept this thing a float for me. I hate that ART gave up on the guitar market and went Prosumer Audio. They at one time were MXR. For 14 gear years it's a Powerful tool. Still stands up against some of the new multi boxes. But if someone came along that appreciated it's value I would make way for another experiment. what's new to you is old to someone else. Nothing comapared at the time! It is not as transparent as the new stuff. Kinda murky actually. Shhh, Don't tell I always used a Rocktron Exciter in the first effect loop. It's paid for many times over, even though I bought it new at the Research & Development overpriced start in 1991. I've always made a splash with it. Ten years from now someone will consider it vintage and earn a spot in a Guitar Player forum somewhere. Simon Cowell would approve, the bastard!
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