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  1. Presonus Firebox, used about 6 months in smoke free studio...unit, box, mini-manual, SPDIF/MIDI dongle, disks. Pretty much sells for 299 everywhere. Asking $225 shipped in the US, paypal preferred.
  2. The Emulator X Studio is a 18/14 I/O PCI interface, Windows only drivers, and includes a judicious package of good stuff in full working order. Selling because I'm moving to Mac. Used only in small, smoke-free project studio. PCI card with audio and DSP effects, and sync daughtercard 1820M Desktop interface (includes higher grade preamps than the 1820) The Emulator X software sampler 6 meter connector cable Original manuals and 5 installation disks In addition, I have two additional sample libraries, the Proteus X Drums, and Vintage X synth ...gigs of sounds. All this started out over $600 and is a great buy with the extra sounds at the price of $370 shipped in the US. Paypal preferred, US only please.
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