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  1. I love all 4 of mine 2 =4string plus one has j and a mm pkup the other has 2 j pickups, both of the 5strings are the plus ones with j and mm pkups and all 4 have sweep mid 35" scale is perfict for d-tuned nice bstring sound nice neck for my hands try one I did and look what happend I also own 2 cirrus basses 4 and a 5 :thu:

  2. Caught their show here at Palla casino Dilana and Magni rocked love watching that girl Navarros band was ok Supernova was SUPER BORING best song was headspin and dare i mention their eoncore purple rain was maybe their best song yikes met gilbey he was pretty cool guy I just didnt feel it my .02

  3. I have a schecter honey burst neck-thru 8 string stiletto with emg hz and a 18volt three band eq that sits well no neck dive with a cumfy neck that kicks butt it sounds great used it on are last cd. I just tuned it down to d for my rock project I run it thru a new Carvin b1500 thru avatar 410 and neo 212 it frikin rocks~!!!!!!!

  4. Originally posted by megadan

    The least we could do; I know some other places/forums let the admins know, make sure that a persons profile/posts never get erased or what have you...



    I think that would be a great idea I knew Joe since 3rd grade all through high school we both went down different paths and last year right before thanksgiving we re-conected on this forum we were both like is that you wow that is you whats up we spent the day after thanksgiving togeather got to meet his kids funny they were named bobby and joe we jammed and talked caught up on old times I'm gonna miss him he truely was a monster bass player who loved to show anyone and everyone help ....just makes me sad :cry:

  5. Originally posted by Jazz Ad

    Oh, NOVEMBER the 17th ?

    He posted on the 20th.



    Pretty sure I was talking to some members of the Clay Colton band thats how I found out Joe and I knew each other from grade school so I googled his name and the correct date was Sunday Nov 20 2005 my bad still makes sad gonna miss him

  6. I don't know how many of you remember one of are own jpo259 but to me he was a childhood friend who I reconected with here on this forum we were friends from childhood we played army together went to school together spent last thanksgiving . Joe was one hell of a bass monster player sweet nice guy and I for one will truely miss my friend.He ended his life on november 20 he leaves behind two kids bobby and joe 12 and 10 if you met him or were lucky enough to get a post repled to from him he was a true cool person take care my friend I hope you are in a better place I miss you.....

  7. Yep I play in a metal project influences priest,in flames ,children of bodom, kill switch.Was also playing in 80's metal tribute cover band but I have an acoustic folk rock band three bands not good !!!

  8. Ive had mine for about 8 months and so far I like it alot I run it through a korg 2000 tunner then into a lexicon 550 into dbx compressor powered by qsc 1450 power amp into a eden 215 and a avatar 410 plenty of bottom nice highs and real fraking loud!!!!!!!!!!

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