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  1. Check out the JBL 305's. I went back and forth between those and yamaha's.
  2. or should i just get a POD? lol...
  3. I have a Digitech 2110, and i want to run another preamp for distortion only, but i still want to control the rig with the 2110 footpedal. Is this possible? I guess i just dont understand exactly how fxloops work. Any advice would help, thanks in advance.
  4. Originally posted by OverDriven Ehhh I don't think its going to be possible to run the Rockmaster in the loop of another unit. Its a preamp! -Joe I have never used an FX loop so maybe i'm looking at this wrong; How can i use the rockmaster for distortion but use the digitech for all my cleans/effects and control it all with the digitech footpedal?
  5. SGB, Thanks for the info. I plan to use the Rockmaster in the fxloop of a Digitech 2110. So the Rockmaster will be bypassed for any clean tones anyway. But considering its just for distortion through a loop, do you think i will have any problems? gunked up contact points you say? Maybe i should consider another unit?
  6. Can anyone who as owned or compared these peices coment as to helping me decide which to buy? I am looking for modern chugga's with a classic "feel", if that makes any sense... anyone played with either? thanks in advance!
  7. Originally posted by presa_tito I guess anything is possible, I just want to be realistic here. http://www.youtube.com/w/Fedor-Emelianenko-by-keiron?v=wi8uji6iHV4&search=fedor No small person would be able to withstand this type of attack... (110 pound girl, or 135 pound guy for that matter) I dont care what natural tallent or technique they posess. It is sad but true, and very frightening to be honest...
  8. Hey, thanks for the listen! I wasnt to worried about the drum programming as much as the guitar tone. -not bad for $100 I agree the guitar could come out in the mix a little more.
  9. http://blyons.homeip.net/disturbed.mp3
  10. On a side note i ALWAYS double track and pan any riff i'm able to play tight. That way you can turn down the gain a bit and sharpen up the chuga's.
  11. Originally posted by AgentOrange sounds great, im checking it out now. Its a VST plugin, so im just wondering what program youre recording with, Cubase? Is it quite easy to use? James Sonar, Anything by Voxengo is top quality. Easy on the CPU for what it is too.
  12. The clip was made with my Guitarport and the metal pack amp "chunk chunk". The key is that i do not use a speaker cab model from the POD. I use Voxengo's "boogex", an amp simulator for cab emulation. It is a free plugin i like to use so i have an amount of "reamping" ability to the tracks, as well as just sounding damn good I use the "cabinet A close" cab model, move the sensitivity markers where i want them for EQ, and run about 10% gain on it for color. Not much good for live sound but its golden for cheap recording.
  13. http://blyons.homeip.net/Metalliclip.mp3 Here is a new sample i tried to make sound a little more "roomy"
  14. Brand0n1


    Originally posted by Mrmot So i was right, a guitarport It wasn't hard, cause i remember you doing a guitarport clip earlier and i remembered that it had a pretty similar feel to this. Could you please tell me - could these sounds be made with a POD 2, do they have the same "engine"?
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