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  1. Oh {censored} that is nice! I love Schecter baby!
  2. I once made out with Mrs. Butterworth... She was sweet.
  3. Well, most of my friends looked like chipmunks for a few days, but not me... I got all 4 out and ate steak that night!
  4. I want a used, but good condition POD XT Live, and it'd be great if the metal pack was installed already, as I plan to have it anyways. PM if you are selling one with your asking price. Thank you.
  5. Actually, both the AT212 and the ST6012 from B52 look interesting... I don't really know anything about this company, can someone shed some light? Thanks
  6. Sorry to bring this back The B-52 AT212 looks cool...anyone played one of these before? Sound clips anywhere?
  7. Thanks, I've been pretty set on the F-50 for a long time, esp. after hearing the clips and help from the F-Series Lounge here. I guess I'll be saving all summer and hope to find a good deal!
  8. I'm in a trend where I buy an amp that I think is going to last with me forever...then after a year or two, my ear gets better and i realize that my tone sucks balls. I've gone from a Behringer 2x12 to a VAmp to a POD XT to a JSX to a Cube...mind you, I sold the JSX because it was overkill and I couldn't lug a head AND cab to college...and I wasn't in a band at the time. So now I'm thinking, I want the pro tone of the JSX, or a Recto, etc, with the size of a 1x12 or maybe 2x12 combo, and a price between $500 and $800...seeing as I have other purchases to make in recording gear, a car, and saving for a god damned engagement ring! Anyways, thanks for the advise so far! Keep it coming!
  9. Ok, good to know. Any word on the Johnson Millenium? I've heard really good things about it...preamp tubes, solid state power amp. One person over at the Petrucci forum keeps suggesting it to me. Seems kinda like a semi-tube Vetta, for half the price...but I've only heard the sound clips from their website. I'd love to hear more input! thanks so far!
  10. Never been a big fan of Marshall... Anyone have suggestions on Carvin MTS and V3 Combo's? And what about the Johnson Millenium. Someone suggested that amp...anyone have experience? Thanks
  11. I'm in a band that's just started up in the past few months and I need a better amp than my Cube 30 practice amp. So, I'm gonna list the styles and bands that i like the tone of and maybe you guys can shoot out some names/models that I should consider?! Ok, so it's Modern Hard Rock...some of you may consider it ghey NuMetal, but I dig it and that's all that matters really! So, here are some bands that my tone would need to compare to... Breaking Benjamin Alter Bridge Chevelle Staind Trapt etc... I've been searching for Mesa stuff, as my idol, JP, uses Mesa and I just love the tones...I played through a Triple Recto over the weekend and it made a Hello Kitty Squire sound good! So, the only amp I have in mind as of now is a used F-50. Only problem is, that's at the very top of my budget...which is $500-800 So, please give me other options to research! Thanks in advance!
  12. That's awesome! I wonder what kind of G's that thing puts on the rider?!
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