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  1. PMs are still full, would be interested to know if this is still available, and if you'd be interested in selling instead of a trade.
  2. Porcupine Tree - In Absentia is a great example of an album recorded mostly with a POD XT. Actually that album was recorded on a Bad Cat Hot Cat. Their latest album, The Incident, had a lot of POD modelling on it though.
  3. The Honda has gotten pretty rave reviews, but I think the 08 models are fuuugly. Especially the 600. I'd go with the GSXR 750. Handles like a dream.
  4. Lovepedal 200 lbs. of tone, mint- 130 Zvex Super Duper, two tiny chips on one corner, w/velcro and powerplate- 190 EHX DMM, mint in box, used once, model with new power supply, and analog chips- 220 SOLD DNA Analogic Gain Fxxker 2, light finish wear on one corner- 140 All prices include paypal/shipping. All other pedals in the photo are sold already. Not interested in trades.
  5. First off, a bump for Yeagermeister, this has nothing to do with his guitar or reputation as a seller. MetaLmm785, no need to respond to you, you don't know me and I'm not gonna cry over your flaming. But yeagermeister is being political by including that pic-- most forumites opt for a guitar, a pic of themselves playing, or something else. That's the first thing one sees when you open the thread. And the last thing is some stupid statement about "{censored}ing" some female and what ensues. I'd like to remind people that there are young kids reading these threads; is that the message you want to convey? Otherwise, I was just saying that both the first thing and the last thing I saw in his thread were offensive. And immature. Good luck to yeagermeister on selling it and I just wish people would think a little when putting stuff up that kids and young women will see. I mainly hang out in Open Jam or the Political Party, where both my avatar and signature fit right in. If parents don't want their kids exposed to such foul language/subjects, they need to monitor their internet activity.
  6. You know, I hate to get political here, but between your picture and your immature, silly tag line, you probably are turning a bunch of potential buyers off. I get it, you're probably in the military.... But when George "Dumbya" (as in dumber than a clock) Bush has a 23% approval rating (lower than Nixon just before he resigned), and John McCain is the Republican candidate, you might want to consider how you present yourself when you're trying to sell a guitar. I won't be voting for McCain, and I think Bush is a sack of {censored}. I'm not Republican, I am a registered Libertarian. Sooo.... STFU NOOB!!
  7. ***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD*** I bought this Eric Johnson strat new from Wildwood guitars a year ago, had them pick the lightest and most resonant blonde in their inventory for me. She weighs in at just 7.15 lbs and sounds great. Pretty much in mint condition, however there is one small depression about the size of a pin's head below the trem cavity (prolly caused by my belt), and two more small depressions on the upper right edge on the back. They are not through to the paint, or even through the nitro finish. These are incredibly tiny and impossible to see unless your face is a few inches away. I couldn't get them to come out in the pics. No trades, just cash. Here she is:
  8. I'll take the Screwdriver, just need to wait until tomorrow to pay if you can hold it for me. Sorry, sold already
  9. I am purging my pedal collection in an attempt to get back to basics and plug straight in for a while. All prices include paypal fees and shipping. Pics will be available upon request, I just need to borrow a buddies digital camera. All velcro used is not particularly adhesive and should be able to be easily removed without damaging the pedals. Lovepedal Eternity E6, mint, w/velcro- 120 SOLD Lovepedal 200 lbs. of tone, mint- 150 Zvex Super Duper, two tiny chips on one corner, w/velcro and powerplate- 210 Gaspedals Carb, King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King album cover finish (looks wicked), mint w/velcro- 125 SOLD EHX DMM, mint in box, used once, model with new power supply, and analog chips- 250 Skreddy Mayo, silver finish with some wear on the face, no noticable chips, mid switch, velcro- 350 SOLD Skreddy Screwdriver, new in box, never used, blue finish-200 SOLD Option 5 Destination Rotation Single, mint, blue version- 175 SOLD DNA Analogic Gain Fxxer 2, light finish wear on one corner- 150 Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+, mint in box, with some extra cables including EHX compatible- 150 SOLD BJFE SBEQ, two small chips, typical finish imperfections- 350 SOLD Fender Eric Johnson Strat, white blonde, excellent condition, original case- 1100 SOLD Items interested in: PRS Custom 24, VHT Sig:X head. Let me know if you're interested in trading.
  10. Used PRS Custom 24 Fender Rory Gallagher Strat VHT Sig:X Used VHT Deliverance 4x12 w/Celestion Blues TC Electronics G-system THD Hotplate Nice Cables
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