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  1. Just got done installing the 'M' mod on my Gilmore jr....amp breaks up a lot sooner but cleans up nicely when ya back off the guitars volume knob..I'm pushing it threw a single Celestion G12T (16 ohm)....amp has a real nice 'british flavor now... I'm really impressed on how easy it is to mod this amp to suit ones taste...
  2. Thanks for the info Rich...your level of customer service is second to none.....take note people.....
  3. Originally posted by Richard Guy Hey Guys, In the mean-time, I'll dust off my Keyboard and answer any questions/fears/doubts I've already built a Gilmore Jr...I have no fears/doubts...although I am wondering about the "M" mod...
  4. Originally posted by Danocoustic The masses are revolting, Phil... *waits for expected response* *circles the wagons*
  5. Originally posted by Danocoustic Why has this thread been forsaken? I was wondering the same....
  6. Originally posted by pinkjimiphoton one word. BACKUP COPIES BEFORE DELETING. okay, 4.
  7. Originally posted by El Gallo Negro Somebody mentioned it in passing earlier, but the Digitech Bad Monkey actually sounds pretty damn good. It's in the same vein as the others but it also has high and low controls, so you can dial it in better. When I played a TS9 reissue, I couldn't believe how muddy and unimpressive it was. The Bad Monkey sounds way better and is only 40 bucks. It's seriously worth checking out. +1....best $40 I ever spent...
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