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  1. I love John Stainer and just about anything Helmet has ever done. But if the stuff on Battles' myspace is any indication, I think I'd rather listen to John Mayer.
  2. I've read other tests that show that the high frequency loss from Boss buffers only occurs above 20k - not anything that would be perceptible to the human ear. Noise, maybe, but not necessarily tone suck as I've come to know it.
  3. https://www.adbusters.org/magazine/79/hipster.html?page=1 As hard as Adbusters has fallen off in recent years, I think you'd dig that article. See also - www.hipsterrunoff.com I used to get pissed off about hipsters because they stood for nothing, and didn't seem to be allowed to unabashedly, unironically connect with any piece of art or music. But lately I've been convinced that the entire aesthetic is going to self destruct in another year or two. Given enough time, there's a backlash against everything. Even grunge needed to die.
  4. Yeah, I'm going for it. I'm only about 6 days in. I'm scared {censored}less, pretty much... I don't grow facial hair quickly and the weird, intermediate period where I look like a total freaking sketchball is going to be long. Very long.
  5. I'm with Seif on this one. Between the Whiskeytown catalog and his solo stuff, the dude is scary prolific. With such a huge discography I've been looking for the dud album for a very, very long time. Haven't found it yet. If anything it's Gold which of course Rolling Stone jocked like it was the second coming of Christ. Anyway, when did he become the singer everyone loves to hate? Ok, so he's a bit of a prima donna, but what about the music? Saying that you didn't like X album doesn't count... his albums vary so wildly, they might as well be by different artists. Idk. People love to point and laugh at his antics, but I honestly have yet to see someone really posit a solid critique about him as a songwriter or lyricist.
  6. I'd be interested to see this. I caught a clip here and there, and I gotta say, there were times where it looked like he was just barely making it through some of those dance steps.
  7. This is a bummer. I haven't followed them for a while - Eat Sleep Repeat was the last thing I picked up from them and it was great. Opened for them in 04 or 05. Definitely an example of a band that started out with the unremarkable indie sound that was "in" at the time (Beneath Medicine Tree only has a few good moments) and then turned into something much more genuine and sincere. Blah. Soundtrack to a lot of good times, too.
  8. Gotcha. I figured it would be picky. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I picked up a Sheraton II last summer. It was the first time in years and years that I'd socked away enough $$$ to buy a new guitar. It wasn't a bandwagon thing though; the Sheraton's been one of my dream guitars ever since I was a kid. I think any observations of increased popularity on my part... are pretty susceptible to the "Dad's New Car" mentality described a couple posts ago.
  10. I'm pretty stoked right now. Got a chance to breeze through most of the effects on my M9. Reverbs and delays were primarily what I bought it for, and they are fantastic, as I've come to expect from Line 6. Mine must have the newer firmware on it since the Particle Verb () and Tube Comp are already on board. The modulation effects took me by surprise - this box does a damn good Dimension D and CE-1! The former is a sound I've loved for a long time and I've even considered hunting down that weird purple Boss stompbox with the 4 buttons just to get it... just that very mild chorus spread. Can't say I was too keen on most of the dirt, but I didn't buy it to replace the dirt I already have, which at the moment is a Tonebone Trimode, a Bad Monkey, and a soon-to-be Keeley modded SD-1. It was gonna be a hard sell to replace those anyway... and again, since the M9 isn't the size of an airfield, it doesn't have to. That's the beauty of it. I will say this, the Big Muff model kicked ass. Very interesting to have a 3 knob tone stack instead of a single tone pot like on a real Muff. I was getting HUGE fuzz sounds. So not that there was much doubt, but it's staying on my board. Speaking of which... to those with powered boards, how are you powering this beast? Its wall wart puts out 2000 mA, does it really need that much?
  11. My M9 came today. Here in CT it's been raining cats and dogs so I was a bit startled to see the plastic bag around the shipping box had been... uhh... "compromised". But the actual M9 box was bone dry, phew. Don't have time to play it just yet but I'll be back tonight with first impressions. NPD!!!
  12. Just so you guys know, last night the Musician's Friend site was incidentally down at the same time as HC. They offered a 20% off coupon code at music123, which I promptly used to buy an M9. I am so stoked right now.
  13. anyhow--i've always been pretty impressed by line 6's delays/verbs. That's what I'm saying! Even if you bought this thing to use STRICTLY as a delay / verb box, it would be more functional than most dedicated delays just based on its ability to do scenes. 24 scenes compared to the 4 memory locations of a DL4 or DD20? It seems like such a no brainer to me.
  14. the thing that really interests me about the whole line 6 m13/m9 is how big of a deal they are becoming. I'll bet you anything the M9 becomes the bigger deal of the two. It's small and inconspicuous. It doesn't look like a multi-effects unit and this is a huge deal to me, because in my mind, there's still a huge stigma to using multi effects units. I mean, hell, they all sounded god awful until quite recently. I think Line 6 is going to pave the way for a lot of companies realizing that guitarists don't want something that's going to replace every pedal on their board, or something that's so goddamn gigantic that there's no room left for anything else. It's like... give me something with a small footprint, something without an extraneous amp modeling section that I'm going to bypass anyway, and something that integrates into the board I already have. The M9 is the first product I've seen, ever, that actually fits that market niche. I'll be buying one very, very soon. To the guys that own one - how's the bypass? I remember the DL4 also being touted as "true bypass" but it was found to have some definite tone coloration when off. Is it the same deal with the M9?
  15. So the GNX4 is bad because you've tried a GNX1. And even though we are talking about floor boxes we should be looking at computer based modelers. mmmKay:wave: If by "tried" you mean owned for 6+ years GNX4 = GNX1 + multitrack recorder the OP isn't going to use. They all have the same core set of models and effects. Product knowledge anyone? And fine, nix the computer stuff. Seriously, you've been out of the modeling game for a while if you think $400 for a new GNX4 isn't a highway robbery when you can get an RP1000 for that price or a freaking GSP1101 for $100 more. We're talking about technology that's almost old enough to land in the POD 1.0 era here.
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