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  1. I saw this Vox Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal on eBay, and it looks like it is in pretty bad shape. I was wondering what anybody thought about replating the nickel/chrome (whatever it is on there) on the top rocker. I've read somewhere that replating the gold hardware on an old Gibson increases it's value, I don't know about effect pedals.
  2. Originally posted by dot-dot-dot You don't have to solder mine. I do them for you. And gold plated plugs are, I'm afraid, a complete con for guitar use. The plating wears out very quickly if you're plugging and unplugging them. All in all mine are 50p more for a 5m cable, and you don't have to put them together yourself. And they have proper soldered connections and the best strain-relief in the world courtesy of Neutrik. If all of your jacks and plugs are gold plated you would get more mileage out of the gold plating. But nickel is harder than gold so gold loses in the nickel-on-gold battle. It would make most sense if all of the jacks on your effect pedals were gold plated, and all of your inter-connecting plugs were, and they were on a pedal board and you very rarely if ever unplugged the cables.
  3. Originally posted by Megadeth7684 The McCoy has true bypass, does it sound the same as the V847 though? I really like my V847, but not having true bypass is lame. Replace it with a true bypass switch, silly. It is very easy to do.
  4. Originally posted by GuitArtMan Hmmm... I've had both but not at the same time. Here's my story. I had the V-847 and had it true bypassed - this was my main wah. Then I got a Buddah wah, which became my main. Both ended up with Fulltone pots after the original pots died. Then I got the Picture Wah and my search for the perfect wah ended. Neither the Buddah or the V-847 could hold a candle to the Picture Wah. I sold both the V-847 and the Buddah. Then the V-848 came out and I thoght I'd buy one as a back up for the Picture Wah. It was close, real close, but the PW still had the classic wah tone I craved. I got a killer deal on a used PW and sold the V-848 to pick up a second PW as a back up. If money were no object the PW wins hands down, but if you're looking for bang-for-the-buck the V-848 is killer. When you talk about "Picture Wah" and "PW," are you referring to The Real McCoy Custom Picture Wah with the picture on the back, or the original Vox The Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal? It's a little confusing when you are talking without the manufacturer's name
  5. Originally posted by The Nick i wish they made the vox with an ac adapter There are AC adapter connectors that go on 9V battery connectors. And the V848 does have an AC adapter jack.
  6. I'm going to need to borrow or purchase an original Clyde McCoy, that's going to be thing that I need the most help with.
  7. I have been in university schooling as a physics major for six-and-a-half years now, dropped out three times, lost my honors status about two years, all because of my mental illness, and now I am bouncing back. One of the things that had been holding me back was that I received an "incomplete" grade which expired into an "F" on my senior honors project proposal for not turning it in. It has taken me over three-and-a-half years to come up with a topic, and I've finally done it. This is the culmination of all of my education and training as an undergraduate physicist in a 11-month-long project. Are you ready? The Quantitative and Qualitative Study of the Wah-Wah Pedal That's right folks, my serious scholarly physics topic will be the wah-wah pedal. Sorry, I won't be studying any Boss pedals, no Morleys either, I'm focusing on regular old-school-style wah-wahs, specifically these brands and models: Vox The Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah Pedal (original) Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby (current production model) Vox Wah-Wah Pedal (V847 reissue) Real McCoy Picture Wah Vox The Clyde McCoy Wah-Wah (V848 reissue) Dunlop GCB-95F Crybaby Classic (current production model) WooHoo!
  8. Have you tried the Boss RV-5? I'm curious how the spring emulations modes compare. I'm also curious how those sounds compare to tube reverb, as it might affect my future amplifier purchase.
  9. Originally posted by tequila_titan 42 goin' on 22 with a 85 year old liver. Sounds like you are due for another transplant.
  10. Off topic, but you can open up and clean an Ibanez 9-series switch. Also there are replacement switches available.
  11. Originally posted by RockNote Off Better yet, set 'em in the closet. Sorry, I'm just pissed at my OD-3 that's all. What happened to your OD-3?
  12. Originally posted by paydirt If you go to www.rolandus.com ---> Support ---> Download Product Manuals; they have manuals for all of their pedals (even the old ones). You should be able to find anything you need there. Ah, I guess I was confused. I guess I was looking at the global Roland site. Strange that they don't have the same information on both sites. Sorry for ripping apart anybody earlier. I'll go to bed now.
  13. Originally posted by MasterOfSolos Yeah I know, just figured i'd throw a good setting at you regardless. Thanks for the tip, MasterOfSolos. I'll try it out sometime. Sorry, I was a little rude earlier.
  14. Originally posted by MasterOfSolos Haven't got my CE-2 nearby, but try the first knob at 11 o' clock,and the second one cranked up full. Like I said, I don't really need help with the CE-2, I need a lot more help with the BF-2 and the GE-7. I got the information I needed on the GE-7 from bossarea.com, bu the BF-2 text description was too hard to understand.
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