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  1. I'd hate to see Gibson bite the dust, but they seem to have lost their way recently, with self-tuning guitars and the like. They've introduced some cool stuff too (the Gary Clark Jr. SG, the ES-275) but it all seems to get discontinued almost immediately, maybe to create artificial demand? And then they don't promote it...Gibson's capable of turning out as good a guitar as they ever have, but they sometimes don't—seems like they've sacrificed quality control for gimmicks (G-Force and Firebird X, anyone?). I have a 2002 SG Supreme that's better than any vintage one I've ever had, including the SG Standard I bought new in 1967. It really looked like they were on the way back up after the Norlin years, but something happened around 2008. Maybe the recession got them thinking they had to diversify? I'm no MBA, but it seems like diversifying during a recession isn't such a good idea, especially with products that aren't related to the core products that your reputation is based on. Get back to making good Gibson guitars, that's what we want!
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