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  1. Lord willing, I'll be at PASIC Nov 16, in the big hall with all of the stuff ! Those of you that know me, know why ! Dan
  2. Setting aside the C64 comments I made, ask yourselves, "When was the last time that I made a patch (sound)? " I admit that even though I was ambitious about this in the 80's , now I just try a download patches ,or buy more modules. Dan
  3. Before you throw out your some of your vintage tech for faster, easier or more features tech , think about this. 1) Have you fully exhausted all of the possibilities or that keyboard or sound module, or did you just use the presets already in the box? 2) Where will your old gear end up after you get rid of it? Where will it end up after the dumpster? 3) Do you know someone who could really use it. (NOT ME. I HAVE TOO MUCH ALREADY!) I'm speaking about poor local musicians or giving to charities. If we ever take the time to fully explore the hardware, that we already have, we will be surprised what we can do with it. I know you laugh about my work with the Commodore 64, but I have recently created some very USABLE sounds that are like nothing I have heard before...with this 8 bit computer. Dan
  4. In the days before I got my first mixer, I used a simple "Y" connector to combine 2 signals. I did this often when I had 2 turntables crossfading to my cassette recorder. The output was higher when combined but this could be adjusted by turning volume down on each source or going through a few resistors. Oh to those days of long ago ! Dan
  5. How many would rather have buttons and knobs rather than a few buttons and MENUS 4-6 levels deep ? Yet this has become acceptable in the musical gear of the 21st century. Dan
  6. The other problem I find with TOO MUCH GEAR, is that it is difficult to maintain a level of familiarity with EACH piece of gear unless you work with it at least once a week. Needing to pull out an instruction manual ,every time you want create, is counterproductive to the musical flow. Dan
  7. I almost thought that I was in HC jail for 2 months ! Dan
  8. A LITTLE LATE. DON'T YOU THINK? He has only been dead 12 years. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/...-was-it-murder
  9. Sometimes too much gear can cause "gear insanity" , where you try and use every piece of gear you have in one single tune......and just maintaining it takes up more time than producing music. I may be approaching that event horizon myself. Dan
  10. SUPPOSEDLY BETTER SEE LINK BELOW https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8479476/president-trump-signs-music-modernization-act-law-bill-signing
  11. So we were in Chapters book store yesterday and my wife stumbled upon this book. I went over to the attached Starbucks to get a coffee and sit down. She came over the book and started leafing through is slowly starting in the early years of the Beatles.She is a guitar player, so she didn't mind looking at all of the guitars and I already knew that Ringo played Ludwig drums so I didn't really care about that. Anyway I kept insisting that she move to the late 60's so that I could see the SYNTHS that the Beatles used. So when we finally got there ,here is what I discovered. They mostly used VOX keyboards at the very beginning, then invested in a Mellotron , Rhodes, and finally the MOOG shown in that picture.
  12. I've always worn earplugs when I play the drums or cut the grass but as this article points out, we are exposed to more noise than we may realize. https://www.vox.com/2018/5/9/17280992/noise-hearing-loss-tinnitus Dan
  13. I should probably rename this thread "MY 1999 DREAM (or nightmare) RECORDING SETUP" Anyway , lots of work done. Juggled the SCSI drives for the Fairlight all into a single box and added a RICOH RO-1420C cdrom. This is good ONLY for making REDBOOK CDs directly from the Fairlight. Sent a sample from my Fairlight directly to the S3000XL with SPDIF Installed V2.0 rom in S3000XL ...WORKS ! Installed new BACKLIGHT into S3000XL FAIL...waiting for another. Moved a SCSI drive into a separate powered enclosure for the Akai. WORKING and finally got it formatted yesterday. Got all of the drivers for Mesa and SCSI on the 1999 PowerMac G4. WORKING Lots still to learn though. Fairlight editing is a whole new animal. Akai LOOPING and keeping track of wave locations not as easy as I thought. Dan
  14. I know that I have burned a 60 minute CD in a few minutes. That is at least 30 times as fast. Dan
  15. So why do blank CDs cost 5X as much as DVDs, EVEN THOUGH 4.4gb DVDS CAN HOLD 7X AS MUCH DATA ? In Canada we have some tax that is SUPPOSED to go to the artists....sort of a type of DRM...but I notice the same thing in the States. Besides that, they should stop this nonsense, because most music in stored on USB keys today. BTW ...STAY AWAY FROM WINDATA CDS AT MICROCENTER. 1/2 of them sound like a jet plane taking off in most CD recorders. I don't know if the hub is off center or what the problem is. In Canada @ bestbuy[img2=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","height":"150","width":"150","src":"https:\/\/multimedia.bbycastatic.ca\/multimedia\/products\/150x150\/104\/10427\/10427081.jpeg"}[/img2] Compare $95.95 [h=4][/h] Dan
  16. I was probably looking for a hardware driver when I stumbled into the trap. Dan
  17. I guess that Gibson made it official yesterday. Their shareholders own the company now. https://www.fastcompany.com/40566146/heres-why-gibson-is-bankrupt-no-its-not-because-rock-is-dead https://www.marketwatch.com/story/as...ica-2018-05-02 Dan
  18. Yep. And mine is set up and ready to go with Bars&Pipes. The other good thing about computers that are too slow for the internet. THEY ARE TOO SLOW FOR THE INTERNET. No threats from scammers trying to empty my wallet with ransomware. I also just discovered today that my long abandoned Bitheadz Unity packages will run on this. They no longer run on my windows windows. BTW I'm a Windows/ Amiga guy. A friend gave me the Powermac which was in a closet for 10 years and I just recently picked up one of the first 350MHZ G4 towers..originally with only 64 megs...this one has 440 megs and can be expanded to 1 GB. WEIRD OS THOUGH! I dragged a bunch of stuff off of a USB KEY onto the desktop thinking that it was copied only to realize that it was removed as soon as I unplugged the key. Dan
  19. I'm disinfecting from the Linux side of my computer. The virus is on the Windows side.....and I wiped out my browser history so I don't go back there again !
  20. JUST GOT A NOTICE THAT MY HARD DRIVE WILL BE WIPED IN 4 MINUTES!!! If I don't call their number. Ransomware. Dan
  21. I never knew about this one. It is only a 3 1/2 hour drive away from me. Big trip out west this year so maybe next year. NO NAMM either this year. (unless a bag of money drops from heaven) Dan
  22. I think of eating. I eat. We all know how that turned out. I'm overweight. It is not always good to make the unconscious conscious. Dan
  23. Not to mention that it is the only thing that will run Akai MESA ! https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/09/an-os-9-odyssey-why-do-some-mac-users-still-rely-on-16-year-old-software/
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