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    While in the prison called "A unrelated DAY JOB" produced 2 CDs and 2 music videos. Now that I'm retired picked up an ancient 80's computer project for modernization and developing new electronic musical instrument and I'm building SNARE DRUMS !


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    Across the border from Detroit


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    drums electronics computers programming


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    Retired??? HA HA HA
  1. Lord willing, I'll be at PASIC Nov 16, in the big hall with all of the stuff ! Those of you that know me, know why ! Dan
  2. Setting aside the C64 comments I made, ask yourselves, "When was the last time that I made a patch (sound)? " I admit that even though I was ambitious about this in the 80's , now I just try a download patches ,or buy more modules. Dan
  3. Before you throw out your some of your vintage tech for faster, easier or more features tech , think about this. 1) Have you fully exhausted all of the possibilities or that keyboard or sound module, or did you just use the presets already in the box? 2) Where will your old gear end up after you get rid of it? Where will it end up after the dumpster? 3) Do you know someone who could really use it. (NOT ME. I HAVE TOO MUCH ALREADY!) I'm speaking about poor local musicians or giving to charities. If we ever take the time to fully explore the hardware, that we already have, we will be surprised what we can do with it. I know you laugh about my work with the Commodore 64, but I have recently created some very USABLE sounds that are like nothing I have heard before...with this 8 bit computer. Dan
  4. Sometimes too much gear can cause "gear insanity" , where you try and use every piece of gear you have in one single tune......and just maintaining it takes up more time than producing music. I may be approaching that event horizon myself. Dan
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