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  1. Very rare H&K 1/2 rack space guitar slave power amp. Works and sounds great. I believe it is 100watts. It is a very clean sounding amp and built like a tank. FREE SHIPPING with BIN. Actual shipping with anything else. $250 shipped
  2. I would also be very interested in a Taylor 655 or Gibson acoustics such as a J200, Dove, etc..., original Steinbergers..etc.
  3. I might be willing to ship for the right deal, just would rather keep it local.
  4. Take a look at my ad. I am really looking for someone in the area. I am not digging the idea of shipping. I am open to most high end axes, but really dig the Gibson vibe. USA BC Rich, Hamer... the right Fender will do. I will sell outright as well. I have no cash to add, but will consider quality guitars of less value plus cash, such as a nice LP Jr. http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/msg/3412080166.html
  5. Guitar is in very good condition. It has been upgraded with a Wilkinson PRS style wraparound bridge, Planet Waves locking tuners, Dimarzio Tone Zone and Super Distortion soap bar size humbuckers, and new knobs. It is a great guitar. I am only selling to fund a PS3 and need the cash, so no trades please. The guitar will not come with any other parts. $350 plus shipping.
  6. I will admit that I didnt read this whole thing but when you buy something it should arrive as stated. Although the seller isnt responsible for a setup, he is responsible for providing a guitar capable of being setup, unless he states prior to the sale that there is something wrong with it. That said, I was very interested in this guitar and I believe I offered you my mint schon for it. If not, and you are interested, send me a pm.
  7. Hey Bigdaddy douche nozzle! Glad to see you still here! My sig says it all bro. Oh, and I think I hear the Waaaaaaaahmbulance backing up in your driveway.
  8. zzounds is all about the original owner items...
  9. This has gotten some great responses on nyc craigslist...lol. Good luck with all of your demands.
  10. I would think that it is an anderson parts guitars built by tom since during that era Tom was building parts for kits not production guitars. He says it himself that Tom signed it himself "later" when he brought it to the factory to show them. I don't believe it is an actual production run anderson. I think the first run Tom Anderson guitars were Nov '86. Probably a very cool guitar still, but I can't believe that anyone will pay that. I would love it, but for nothing anywhere near that. I had one from the first run in '86 and they were going for nowhere near that.
  11. Mostly considering trades, will take cash or part trade part cash.
  12. too bad you don't have that penguin pickguard... i dig that...lol it is awesome.
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