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  1. I've built a few violins and I've found that you just can't duplicate the sound of old wood by any method of carving or glue or varnish.

    I've given up trying to build a new violin that sounds as good as an old one and now have resigned myself to either building new violins that sound really good and will improve over time to great sounding....or just building new violins from the parts of old violins.

    Even cheap old student violins built in the early 1900's that are basically considered junk have salvagable wood that can make a great sound that's hard to achieve with new kiln dried wood.


    Old growth wood had tighter ring structure, and slower growth rates as they competed for light under the canopies of mature trees. You can old growth wood like maple from Timeless Timbers and other lumber reclamation companies.

  2. You do great work, AJ... One nice thing about Tele headstocks is that they are small and you can get away with a heavier neck wood with a lightweight body. For nice, aromatic woods, have you ever worked with Cuban mahogany? Putting a padauk top onto a chambered Cuban mahogany body is spectacular! Insanely rich tone...

    Can you still get that? Haven't seen any Cuban mahogany in years...

    Cuban mahogany is like Honduran mahogany's prettier older sister. IIRC that is what they built the spanish ships out of for the armada.

  3. I was pretty insistent on him changing it back when he changed it once.

    I have also been the target of that. Avatars are surprisingly uh... catchy.

    Want to see that Burn move too.

    Like Frets? Don't watch

    I saw that....I don't think I'll ever see frets the same again:eek:;)

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