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  1. Welcome to milwaukee! May you enjoy lots of beer. You got Guitar Center in brookfield, Interstate music/cascio music (i dont know which is their real name) in new berlin, uncle bobs music in west bend? Theres a few music go rounds around milwaukee. I really dont know where too many music stores in milwaukee are, I usually hit up the madison area. I just go to school in milwaukee.
  2. Great movie, and I was impressed of the soundtrack. Go and see it
  3. I borrowed someone's Morley ABY, and its a total POS. It leaves a massive ground loop which makes the two amps unusable. Theres about 30% signal bleed to the unused amp. Does anyone have a list of isolated output A/B's that wont bleed through? I'm liking that EH Nano, but does it have isolated outputs? Thanks
  4. I'm looking at switching between two amps, one for clean, one for distorted. I dont want both amps running at the same time. What would be the most cost effective solution for this?
  5. Yes, you can use midi to control the wah of gt-6. I know it can be done. I never played with midi control on my gt-6, so I cant help you. go to www.gtcentral.com for more info and help.
  6. How long of a delay are we talking? If its something like 5msec, then thats probably acceptable for the gt-6. Mine had a very slight bit of delay, and was slightly longer if all effects and such were turned on. Turn off all the effects on the gt-6. If it still has a long, very noticeable delay, something might be wrong with the gt-6. If the delay is really short, dont worry about it. If its noticeable in band context, then I would definitely start worrying At the end of all my trouble trying to see if this was normal, i got rid of the gt-6 anyways. All the little plastic buttons were snapping in half for some reason (im gentle with them too)
  7. Lol... im a college kid, i dont even have money to pay for food barely. All the parts of the bass that im going to use are in great condition (neck/bridge) just half the body and electronics are missing (in many little pieces)
  8. Thanks alot guys, Its my bass players dream to have every bass that SH played, and i recently got a partially destroyed bass that im going to rebuild for his wedding gift.
  9. Can anyone tell me some info about this bass? The picture is a screen capture of Iron Maiden - Visions of the Beast DVD. The only time this bass appears on any Iron Maiden video is from the Aces High Camp Chaos video.
  10. The gt-6 has two delay effects, one as its own effects section, and a short delay located in the fx-2 bank. Some effects are located in banks 1 that you would want to use at the same time, like compressor and a limiter effect. Ask away, ive been using my gt-6 for over 2 years now.
  11. I couldnt find a replacement switch either that fit the same size. I capped off the old holes (little plastic cap thigns, the technical term escapes me), drilled some new holes and wired in switches that were larger than the originals. I had to make standoffs for the circuit board so it wouldnt touch the footswitch case's inside. The switches i used are the normal 3 connector spst switch, but these are much heavier duty than stock. They are the switches for gas/brake on forklifts, so they are designed for long term, hard usage with lots of dirt/etc. The new switches are on the opposite side of the lights on the top half of the footswitch. I didnt have switches to replace the fx and reverb, so i'm hoping those switches dont crap out on me.
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