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  1. TKL made most of Webber's cases over the years. Contact TKL as they should have the specs for making a case for a Webber 000-12 fret. BTW, those are quite nice guitars.
  2. I've used Altiverb for a long time and find it quite useful for solo fingerstyle acoustic and classical guitar. It's a convolution 'verb with excellent and robust features as well as an incredible IR library.
  3. "What piece of gear has pleasantly surprised you in the last decade?" Several items have pleasantly surprised me in the last ten years or so. In no particular order: 1) Microtech Gefell M29x Series microphones. My favorite mic pair for solo fingerstyle acoustic and classical guitar. Of course, the M296 (omni) behaves differently than the two cardioid versions (M294 and M295), and those behave differently than the wide cardioid (M297). Gefell just nailed it with these mics. 2) Quested F11 monitors. I'm cheating because I got my first pair about 15 years ago. These are wonderful monitors...honest, accurate, clear and with a bit of mojo, again for solo fingerstyle acoustic and classical guitar. 3) Altiverb. This reverb plug-in is simply the best convolution reverb around. The IRs are top drawer and often unique, the software controls are clever and encompassing and the resulting processing (again, for solo fingerstyle acoustic and classical guitar) are simply stellar.
  4. Yes, it would help if we knew more details about Joshua's music, i.e., playing styles/genres (e.g., pop, folks, celtic, country, etc.), playing techniques (e.g., flatpack, fingerstyle, strumming) and presentation (e.g., solo player, singer/songwriter, band). For example, I play solo fingerstyle acoustic and classical guitar, no vocals, in a variety of genres. The guitars that work for me well will likely not be the same as the guitars that will work well for a rhythm player in a county band.
  5. Here's one I posted on this forum: http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/...3#post31587993 Here's another one: https://app.box.com/s/lde5yjp84zty4wtv2vzfkm32d5t47hoq
  6. Yes it is. Although it was initially expensive, it still has significant value and I've probably saved a bunch of $$ not having to buy and sell over and over in search of a great live rig.
  7. I've used a SBT pickup and either an internal or external condenser mic for solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar, run through a Pendulum SPS-1 with a TC Electronics M3000 in the effects loop, next to a Bryston 3B SST power amp and last to a pair of Daedalus W803 passive 3-way speakers on sticks. Other than changing a couple of components over the years, I've used this system for nearly 20 years. I see no reason to change this signal chain. It's that good.
  8. You can no longer legally sell your copy of ProTools v 12.x or later to anyone else. In the past you could ...but no longer.
  9. You may wish to check to see how well a K&K SBT pickup will work with an Aura device. There are hundreds of posts over the years (mostly on other forums) which caution against using a SBT-type pickup with an Aura unit.
  10. There is no "best" model. There are subjective choices which some individuals making those choices will consider "best" (for them). Others will choose differently. For example, a D28 Authntic may be considered "best" by some bluegrass players. Ragtime/blues fingerstyle players could easily prefer a 000 12 fret with mahogany and Adirondack and shun the D28 Authentic.
  11. Over the past 20 years or so, all acoustic guitars I have purchased (mostly used) were with the condition that I could return the guitar after a short trial period (between 3 and 14 days). That way, I have time to evaluate the guitar sonically, behaviorally, ergonomically and structurally to see how it fits with my own subjective needs and desires, the music I play, etc. One thing I can say about high end acoustic guitars is that it takes up to two years, at least for me, to fully come to appreciate the instrument, to learn how to use it and to discover its secrets.
  12. I've had GAS periods over the years. They generated their own curiosities and exploration, mostly positive experiences, but it did take a toll on instrumental performance woodshedding. There are only so many hours in a day, or week or month. These days I have much less GAS mostly because I've acquired quality gear that works well for me and because the music is more important than the tools.
  13. Here's a recording I did of the Leo Kottke arrangment of Little Martha, shortened a bit.
  14. Dunno which is "better". I've owned numerous spruce top guitars and a few mahogany top guitars, and have played many others. They are rather different from each other, at least in the narrow and limited acoustic guitar world. I enjoy both, but each has attributes, behaviors and sonics that the other doesn't.
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