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  1. I play guitar with tube amps and have just played bass for years via a (big) home stereo. I'm looking at getting my first bass amp. Money's not really an object. I don't gig but it'd be nice to be able to play a party in the park or a small bar if the chance came up. I also would like the amp available for band practices at my place, so it needs to be be able to play in a room with acoustic drums. I see a lot of class-D amps even by the big names. Mesa seems to have discontinued its tube amps and now ONLY has class-D. So: Even if you have money for tube, even if you're not looking for 800W or what have you, is class-D good enough a lot of players are happy with that instead of the hassle with tube? Or if some class-D amps are especially good while others are especially bad, any pointers of which ones to try and which ones to steer clear of? Then more or less the same questions for transistor: do people who can easily afford a tube amp and for whom a tube amp would be loud enough still go for transistor anyway? And if so any particular ones? The most useful story I could hear is someone who literally sold their tube amp because their transistor or class-D sounded good enough... (Genre could be reggae, power pop, funk. probably not heavy metal. Instruments include J, P, pre-EB SR, SR5HS, Ric, Alembic, Peavey T-40)
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