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  1. I have been playing for more than 10 yearsand have gone through a vast array of models and manufacturers: Gibson, Jackson, Fender, Epiphone, Italia, to name a few. I own a nice collection of high end guitars, but I always gravitate toward simple minimalistic designs with function over looks. This is a very functional guitar. Not many features, but extremely good at what it's aim is for. I think this is a great learning guitar, but I think this is a great gig guitar. I have played it, and most everyone looks at it with this awkward sneer, but when played they just come over to check it out. If lost or stolen I would replace it in a heartbeat. Remember that all these are subjective observations. If in doubt try it out at the store with gear as close to yours as possible.
  2. Well... I do have to invest time and money into this axe: pup's, pots and the toggle switch. I know once this is done It will rock. Side by side with the Japan made Epi LP Custom Special, the difference is that the Japan made has a lacquer finish, the headstock is Gibson shaped and the body is mahogany with a maple top. They sound basically the same, but the pickups in the Korean made, the one reviewed here had less clarity and punch than the Japan made or the Dot, which presumably has the same pup's but are uncovered. All in all, I own a Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus in beautiful Honeyburst, that I had to refret, replace electronic components and hardware under a year's use. For the value I am definitely sticking to Epiphone. With good electronics you get the same tone and vibe as a Gibson and still save a substantial amount of money. I tried an Epi LP Custom Elite, and preferred the regular Epi. They were the same, yet I felt I had to invest in the same mods for the Elite as with the regular Epi. I would think that Epiphone would include a gig bag for their second top of the line LP, but I think they don't have that much consideration for their customers. I would definitely purchase this guitar again as I would the Epi Dot Studio, which actually amazed me.
  3. I was actually surprised by the tone of this guitar and how well balanced it is. I own over 15 guitars: Fenders, Gibson Les Pauls, and Epiphone Les Pauls. Never had I owned an archtop, and I liked it!!!! I do have issues with the jack and the finish, which to some might be superfluous, but we are making a donation to Epiphone/Gibson's investors' pockets. I would like Epi/Gib to pay a bit more attention to these points and the setup. I really don't hate anything and has everything I was looking for. I am extremely pleased with the purchase in terms of tone output and general looks.
  4. I have been playing for about 15 years. I own several Fenders, and a '98 USA Gibson Les Paul Classic All-Gold and a 2000 USA Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus in honeyburst. I bought this guitar because I was looking for the Les Paul Custom look, and this specific model has the USA Gibson headstock as opposed to the regular Epiphone headstock. Check put the website I linked at the top. At this moment I was considering purchasing the Epiphone Elite Les Paul Customs that are offered in the States. I was a bit apprehensive to purchase through eBay without testing, but I can change the electronics with quality components and make it sound good. BOY WAS I SURPRISED!!!!!!!! This guitar is awesome and $2200 less than a USA guitar, and $300 less than the Elite series available in the USA. No elctronics changes needed. I am in love with this guitar. It really is up there with my USA Les Pauls. I am absolutely pleased with this guitar. If it was ever stolen I'd be so pissed that the low life would be thief better pray I would not find him/her. I am absolutely impressed with this guitar. Gibson USA better take notice of the product being made and sold in Japan.
  5. I have been playing for over 10 years. I bought my first Italia a few months ago because it looked interesting and in case I didn't like it, it looked simple enough to modify. I was impressed by the quality, sound and tone, and did not do anything to it. I am not doing anything to this one either. I suspect this will become my main axe for some time. I own Fender Mustangs, Strats, Jaguars, Gibson Les Pauls, and a Fernandes Monterey and a Maranello classic. These Italias very quickly became one of my favorites. I was lucky to have received this one so early since I pre-bought this before they were imported into the US. Mine is one of the "extras" brought over for the upcoming NAMM show. I really, really like this guitar. It is definitely a player. The only thing I can tell you that, well, it really doesn't bother me, but it might other people, is that much, much less than a Gibson Explorer or a V, the design of the top cutaway, and the placement of the strap button causes it to be a little top heavy. It seems a bit unbalanced and the headstock tends to pull its weight down. Not as bad and uncomfortable as an Explorer, I used to own one, but still may be factored in if you jump around a lot like I do. You have to use a bit more energy to hold the neck. Remember all these are subjetive opinions. I suggest you try them out when they become available and come to your own judgement. Anyway, checkout the Italia website. They don't have a pic of the two pickup model, but write to them and they'll e-mail you one. Good luck.
  6. I have been playing for a long time and have gone through a lot of guitars, Fenders, Gibsons, Washburns and more recently Fernandes. I actually like oddball guitars and that was my main interest on this one. I was already making plans on changing a couple of things when I purchased it, but I now think I'll keep it stock. All Fenders and Gibsons I have or have had had undergone some type of modification. I think it is an awesome guitar for the money. For the moment I have put away the Fenders and the Gibsons and used the Maranello and a Fernandes Monterey Deluxe as my main guitars. The Maranello was a pleasent surprise and I really, really like it. Check out their web site. I am thinking of purchasing another ITalia: the Maranello Speedster. I think it will be as good if not better than this one. Remember these are subjective observations so if you can, go try one to determine if this guitar is for you.
  7. I have been playing for about 20 years. I have owned a myriad of guitars, Fenders, Gibsons, Washburns. From 25.5 to 24" scale guitars. I rteally like this guitar. I am very pleased with the tone, the construction and features. I would definitely purchase again. In fact I am plenning on purchasing a black one. Remember these are all subjective observations so if you're interested go try one at a dealer. I was surprised and decided to purchase. Maybe the same thing will happen to you.
  8. I have been playing for over 10 years. I use this either through a Marshall AVT 100, a Hughes and Kettner tubeman through a Tech21 Power Engine 60 or through a Peavey XXX 112. I get tone through all of them. I own a lot of guitars, Mustangs, Jag, Jazzmaster, Strats, Jag-Stangs, Squier GT and Les Pauls. This one intrigued me the moment I saw it at eBay, so I contacted Bluzey directly. It has everything almost everyone would like to do to a Jaguar: full sized 'buckers, get rid of the tremolo and put a tune-o-matic with a stoptail and get a flatter fretboard radius. At Bluzey they were very kind and helpful. I got the guitar in three days all the way from Japan. Dude, I live in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which is a commonwealth of the US, a couple of hours south east of Florida. Three days!!! I love this guitar. I would kill the little fu(& who would dare steal this guitar. I actually prefer this one over my All-gold or my honeyburst Gibson Les Paul Classics. This guitar is extremely comfortable, a bit on the heavy side due to the wood and the amount of it and sounds great. This is a players keeper. If you are really interested contact Bluzey.com, and they might be able to arrange something for you.
  9. I have been playing for a while now. This is an interesting attempt by Fender at trying to get people who like the competition mustang but dislike the scale and tremolo, the Tom Delonge strat but would like to distance themselves from the name, people that like the Tele/Esquire body but dislike the electronics, and people who prefer a set neck over a bolted one. I think it is a nice compromise for all these reasons. I like it. As the other person who reviewed it says, some people may hesitate to purchase a Korean made guitar, but this one, I think is worth it. Remember these are all subjective observations, so you have to try it and decide if it is for you or not.
  10. I love the Fender Mustang. I own a '69, '75, '78 and a hybrid; Fender reissue Mustang neck with a Warmoth competition blue alder body. The '69 had no electronics so I placed DiMarzio Fast Tracks, and aftermarket 500K pots, slide switches, control plate, knobs and pickguard (All Parts): it has the original tuners, the neck was immaculate and the body is the yellowed, cracked white, and 60's patent numbered tremolo. The '75 is refinished in white with red pickguard, DiMarzio full sized white X2N humbucker in the bridge position and a white Fast Track in the neck position, aftermarket slide switches, control plate, 500K pots, knobs, pickguard: original tuners, neck is also immaculate and patent numbered original tremolo. The '78 is completely original in black, it's a beaut. The warmoth body is all aftermarket except the Fender reissue neck and the reissue tremolo: p/us are a black X2N and Fast Track also with 500K pots. . So... what about the reissue comp. Disappointment regarding the wood, we should take this as an issue to Fender. The slide switches were gone the day I got it and replaced with aftermarkets from AllParts, which are very similar to the originals, The control plate was drilled for full sized 500K pots with aftermarket Mustang type knobs, the pickups were replaced to single coil sized humbuckers: Razor from All Parts: let me tell you they are cheap but they kick ass, frets were leveled. All in all it has potential, but I think Fender should try to be more honest regarding advertising, and make an effort to use quality electronics, because honestly they SUCK.
  11. neurotic

    Fender Mustang

    Hey, I was pleasently surprised. I don't think the previous owner had any idea of the average price this guitar sells for out in the streets: and I got it with the original case!!!! I was also surprised with the output of the pickups and their tone. The day I bought it I had thought of replacing the bridge p/u for a DiMarzio Fast Track 2 but desisted after hearing it. I can compare the output to a friend's Strat with a red Lace Sensor and everyone is convinced my 'Tang has more output and better tone. I am the third, and hopefully last, owner of this guitar. I tracked down it's first owner and have bought this guitar for about the same price hde bought it for. If it were stolen, the a-hole who does, better stay the hell very far away from me or I'll beat the living crap out of him. I don't think I can replace this guitar. I have absolutely fallen in love with this guitar, and I have an extensive collection: from Delonge Strat to Jag-Stangs to reissue Jaguar, Venture Jazzmaster, to Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus, and they have all fallen to second billing.
  12. I own a lot of other guitars including Fender vintage guitars, Jag Stangs, Strats and a Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus. I like the sounds of the Delonge. It is simple, and straight to the point. It is made for distortion, simple and complex melodic work and the harmonics and output of the Invader pick up allows it to scream when soloing. Again, if you want your tone pallete to originate from the guitar this is not for you. If you want simple fun this guitar rocks, sounds and looks good.
  13. i play a lot of different style but mainly punk and "new" rock. It fits al genres fine. I like it even better than the 2000. It is a whole new pedal just by increasing the bass response. You get a fuller sound and it makes it even more versatile. What I used to do with two 2000's I can do with one 2001. Regretably, as I said befor, the forbidden setting is done away with. I don't worry since I still have one 2000. The cosmetics also changed the new can is 4 1/16 inches in diameter while the 2000 is 3 1/2 inches in diameter. It is made of brushed "steel" while the 2000 is lacquered aluminum. It has 4 pots on its face while the older has 3. The push switch is gone replaced by a battery cover/switch plate. And they have added 4 LED's under the Expandora II mylar screen that light up as the input increases. what is the use, I dont know, but it is a cool visual effect. It has brought my playing to a new level. It is a good kind of evolution from the first one. I am very pleased with it. I would definitely buy another one if it got lost or stolen just like I would with the EXP-2000. Thanks to Gaspedal.com. Great e-store. Check them out. Incredible selection and great to do business with. No, I am not affiliated to them. Just need to give credit to who deserves it. Then again, remember that you are the ultimate judge of the gear you use. If you have the chance try it. I think you won't be disappointed.
  14. I really wish Gibson did not rush through the production and keep their high quality standards. I mean the finish is not a very important aspect of the guitar but for $975 they should attend to these little if insignificant details. I also wish it was set up with real strings. 09's are a joke. Gibson should put some beefy strings. Aside from this it is one hell of a guitar. I just love it and it is fast becoming my main axe. The pickups are awesome. All of my other guitars have gone through different pickup changes but this one, I'm almost sure will remain stock. Remember to try it yourself to see if it suits your needs and you really like it.
  15. I bought one new for US$150 and the other used for US$80. I really like them. I think I would have liked the distortion setting to have been a bit harder like a DS-2 or a Fab Tone but the flexibility of the two pedals in series is awesome. there is one thing someone else did mention. they seem to have problems with reproducibility. One of the Expandoras has more gain structure than the other and it is noticeable. but like he said, try a few so that you pick the one that is more pleasing to you.
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