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  1. I bought two of those laptop-stands from IKEA. Not wood, plastic. Dead cheap too, less than 4
  2. Nothing wrong with the blues. Without it we wouldn't even have rock. Or metal.
  3. Nice guitars. Too bad no one sells them over here.
  4. Looks different than most amps out there, which is a good thing. And sounds good too.
  5. Wooow, that sounds great. And the amp looks really cool too.
  6. igge


    Yeah, we all know eachother by now (as far as it's possible on the interweb) so we can post bull{censored} off topic stuff here to our hearts content without anyone going mad. Only teh ocCaszioNal n00b gets upset about OT posts.
  7. igge

    The Renoir1 poll

    :oh Sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation.
  8. Looks really sexy. You're a lucky guy to have such a good amp.
  9. Come off it, Potter doesn't die. Well, not properly. Voldemort does, the pathetic loser that he is.
  10. igge

    I LOVE my job!!!!

    Cool job, TU BE.
  11. change all the Ps to Qs and capitalize all lower case letters and lower case all capitalized letters, but NOT the ones you can use to spell your middle name. Ha ha ha ha, brilliant.
  12. OooOoo, that guitar looks like a mean machine. Clips of your new amp?
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