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  1. I really want to sell the cabinet before considering selling the head by itself. Sorry, but I have too many cabs. The cabinet has the orginal Eminence speakers and measures 29"h x 20.5"w x 11.5" deep at the top and 15.5" deep at the base. 8 ohms with parallel inputs. $200 plus shipping
  2. I'll sell the cab by itself, but not the head alone, or at least not until the cab sells. Sorry.
  3. $550 for the pair, plus shipping. Will sell the cab separately, but not the head. Both in excellent condition and working perfectly with a couple of minor dings. You know the deal - these kick ass...Loud and raw, with beautiful vintage dynamics. I used to work at a vintage guitar store and am an expert shipper
  4. I have one for sale if you haven't already bought one. $500 plus shipping for the head and cabinet. Both are in nice condition and are problem-free. I'm an expert shipper and would be glad to send you references. I need to sell to buy a dream guitar. Thanks for your consideration.
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