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  1. I was thinking 11-54 for C standard. My plan was exactly that, offer $650. Thanks!!
  2. I have not tried that on my current guitars, good point. They both have 9's on them, so I figured it would be a floppy mess if I tried to hit C standard with them. I've found an LP Studio for $700 with hard shell case on CL, I plan to go check that one out.
  3. So I am picking up the axe again after a few years off. Dealt with finger and elbow issues, moving cross-country, etc. My current guitars are a MIM Strat and an Epi college LP. I'm not selling either one. The Epi was an anniversary gift from my wife, even though I don't care for the way it plays or sounds. The Strat was my first real guitar and it does Strat things very well. I'm looking for something that will be used to play downtuned stuff, maybe B to C standard. Sleep, Electric Wizard, Crowbar, Monolord, Windhand, A Perfect Circle, along those lines. I'd like to keep the budget under $600 used. So far I have checked out a PRS SE Custom 24 for $450, which was nice but the neck was extremely sticky. Maybe it just needs a good cleaning, I don't know. Also looking at the LTD EC-1000 online, I just cant find one locally to play. Any other suggestions?
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