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  1. I did the rams head fuzz, and armstrong twin. Both weren't very hard to build, and they sound great. I use the ringer side of the twin quite a bit for fun solo sounds.
  2. Interesting article on the healthcare debate - http://www.investingdaily.com/id/17120/healthcare-reform-the-700-billion-lie.html Good article. It puts my feelings on the subject to written word. It kinda stinks that there is a feeling out there that if I don't support this I'm a bad person. I feel this is a bad policy, its fixing a hole in a bucket by pouring more water into the bucket. p.s. The blatant stomping on the constitution that seems to be more and more acceptable.
  3. Ok. Here is my take. Warts and all. http://www.markweinguitarlessons.com/soundfiles/vomitous.mp3 I'm venting a little anger and frustration this evening. Jumpin on this one as well. Great feeling. Nothing can replace that. Wow.
  4. Quote from mosiddiqi: Love the fuzz!..some really nice ideas here..occasionally I found the bends/vibrato a bit pitchy but nothing major really..good job Bending has been a weakness of mine that this past year I've been really working on. Getting the Hammett out of my playing. Ha.
  5. Nice job, and really cool fuzz tone - sounds like your amp is going to explode near the end. Thanks, ran out of ideas and just started hitting stuff. Ha. The fuzz is a BYOC that I put together.
  6. Here's another grasping run at it. Cool backing track. Fun to turn the fuzz up and see what happens ha. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=142006&songID=8679011
  7. Had a couple resistors left over from another pedal. Tried the 470k, did the opposite from what I wanted. Dropped the volume. So I tried the 10k. Closer. The I just soldered a wire across instead of a resistor. Closer still. For now it is alot better than before. Maybe about 1 or 2 db of a volume drop. Not too bad.
  8. Thanks guys, will post there as well. will do research on bobs suggestions. Also as a clearing point. I did a little bit of listening test so that I can be sure of what I want. The lack of brightness is only part of the problem. really my big thing is a large overall volume drop when plugged into this unit. And after playing around a bit, the volume drop there when effect is on and off. Gonna try the switch on Q1.
  9. I have a Univox PHZ-1. Love base sound of it, however; there is a very large amount of high roll off. Maybe just a volume cut. Takes the bite out of the amp. A few years ago I asked this question, but old thread isnt here anymore. Someone pointed me to a part on the input of the effect that cut the signal. At the time I had a complete fear of doing mods, didn't have any experience and it was all greek to me. I now at least a novice level of exp, willing to give it a try. Could anyone point me to the component that either needs to be bypassed or replaced to help maintain a better signal level. Schematic here http://www.univox.org/pics/schematics/phz.gif Thanks for the help. Jeff
  10. In case anyone is on the lookout, I have a silver sparkle that I'm looking to get rid of.
  11. One thing I did notice with both the morley and the whirlwind is that cables made a huge difference. Bad cables = an unbearable amount of noise. Good cables = good. Using the morley with Tremoverb and fender vibrosonic. Not too much noise, and clean tone.
  12. morley, they're cheep and get the job done haven't had issues with mine +1 on the morley. Works great. Seems rugged. I've used mine alot. Simple, and I think the battery only controls the led. Otherwise it is passive. And cheap.
  13. I was able to hear him do a talk in a pretty small setting, and after listening to him and meeting him I realized he is one of the coolest and smartest people I have met. Great player to boot.
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