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  1. I'm looking for some more specific answers regarding actual volume differences between these two. I've had a deluxe reverb and currently have a blues junior, and I've gigged with both. I prefer the sound of the Deluxe Reverb reissue, but liked the smaller lighter portability of the blues junior for playing live. Both amps are loud enough for me, but I'm never happy with the sound from my blues junior, which is the most recent tweed version with the better celestion speaker. For a point of reference, for both bands I play in, my volume on the DRRI would be about 3, and I use overdrive pedals with it. On the Blues Junior my Master is up full and Volume 3-4, also using overdrives. We play small bars, amps aren't mic'd, and other instruments in the mix, etc... that volume is enough with some to spare. For those of you with experience gigging with these amps, and a Princeton Reverb, how does the clean volume compare. Not so much looking for which sounds better, I prefer the sound of the blackface fenders compared to the blues junior, but I don't know if I can't get loud enough with the princeton reverb.
  2. I see it. Since I've posted about this, I've been using a DRRI for home and live use. At home, I mostly play straight in clean, and live I use effects more sparingly. I use a rat for the heavier stuff because the drri is a loud amp for the bars we play in. But even with rat, I don't have the drive set high, and I get a great crunch and still retain many of the characteristics, tone, and feel of my amp and guitars. Every show. Someone's coming up to me to see what I'm using, and when they see that all the settings on my pedals aren't doing the heavy lifting, they're amazed. The DRRI is a great amp.
  3. I have a Sparkle Drive or a Fulltone Fat-boost 3, say $80.00 each shipped?
  4. Originally Posted by GreaserMatt Anyone know where I can get a battery door & rubber feet for a rat pedal? I emailed the site w/ no answer (sob).... It's a little old school, but I called Pro Co on the phone. They sent me a battery door within a week. I don't think anybody reads e-mails there, but when you get one of them on the phone, they're real cool to deal with.
  5. I use the Elixers on my acoustic, but I find they break easy when I've tried them on my electric. For my electrics (strat and a les paul) I use D'Addario 10's. I think they sound great, the tone doesn't dull as fast, and they don't seem to break on me.
  6. I like the way the touch sensitivity and compression increases with a boost or overdrive before an amp, or distortion pedal happens. However, the volume doesn't increase. So I usually place a boost after my dirt for a little volume boost for solos. In my case, I use a Sparkle drive after a RAT for some fatness and volume boost. But, I'm not getting the extra touch sensitivity, compression, evenness, etc....as you would running it the other way. I play into a clean amp (DRRI). So, what could I put after my RAT to get the volume boost, plus the extra fatness, compression, touch, etc... Maybe a compressor, or a different type of boost, perhaps an equalizer (someone recommended that). What do you think?
  7. Originally Posted by onewhiteduck I got my '87 Rat 2 with LM308 for $40 back in June. I got my '87 Rat 2 back in '87, also for about $40.00. My first distortion pedal, still on my board today. :
  8. Its a pretty popular topic that comes up every so often, its a pretty popular amp....that is, until now that they cost $1,200 new. When this thread started, I just bought my drri new from guitar center for $649 after complaining the they raised their price from $599. That's half of what they cost now, after only 2 years.
  9. Can't go wrong with a TS and a Rat of some sort. I currently use a Keeley Rat and a Green Machine through my Deluxe Reverb... both sound great by themselves and stacked. So does just about any Big Muff if you're into the Muff sound. Since this thread was posted, two years ago, I've settled on a Rat and a Sparkle Drive. Its been my goto live combo for over a year.
  10. I'll take the micro amp....check your pm's.
  11. Gilmour.....my favorite look. Also, I like an aged white with a mint colored pickguard and a rosewood board.
  12. I used to have a classic 30. I thought the drive channel was really good. I would suggest using a clean boost in front to get it more sustain and balls out of it.
  13. my local shop will let me take pedals home to try it out over the weekend if i want. I usually go to guitar center or sam ash. They have 30 day return policy, which I've used often. Sometimes I tell them ahead of time that I'm buying three or four pedals, but will be keeping one. I try them live, with the band, at home, recorded, whatever. I do this very often, yet still wind up with the same setup I've been using for years.
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