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  1. "If I could dance like Guy? Picciotto it would be my preferred method of transport"
  2. Haven't read the rest of the thread, so apologies if it's a repost
  3. 5 Watt Tube Amp, based on Fender Champ Single-ended Class A design with handwired turret board construction and all tube circuit. 5 watts via a single 6V6 output tube with a single 12AX7 preamp tube and single 6Z4 vacuum tube rectifier. Simple volume and Tone controls. 8 inch 8ohm special speaker. Sounds amazing, really bluesy creamy tone when pushed up full volume. Selling due to moving and needing the space
  4. Marshall JTM 45, Plexi 50, and Bluesbreaker Capacitor Kit (5) .022 400v Mustard Caps (3) .1 400v Caps (1) .1 400v Cap (for presence) These caps will greatly improve the overall tone and feel of any of the amps the kit was made for, they are used in many high-end/boutique amps for their quality. SoZo's Mustard Cap Vintage line of capacitors are available only normally available through their web site, more often than not with a wait for stock. Many boutique amp builders select the Mustard Vintage caps after comparing these to other premium capacitors on the market.
  5. FOR SALE: T1M AUX Switch for Eventide '-factors' Orange colour, good condition.
  6. Eventide Pitchfactor Like new, barely even used, boxed with all cables/books, it's velcro'd
  7. I came here to post this [video=youtube;D2u5T-iOYpI] Mission accomplished
  8. WANT - Ernie Ball 6181 ACTIVE volume pedal, for use w/ Eventide pedals FOR SALE - Minty fresh ProCo RAT RI -
  9. FOR SALE: ProCo RAT 2, excellent condition, box a bit tatty though
  10. Originally Posted by neoflox Hey Benny, just noticed you have the EB Wah! I'm always fancying one, but it's so pricey - how does it sound? I have an EB Wah, the RRP is high but you can find them at some shops for a lot less here in the UK. It's a really really good wah, it sounds to me like an Ibanez WH10, but its a lot thicker and has a MUCH larger sweep, the physical sweep of the pedal too is larger than normal wah pedals
  11. Originally Posted by Spectermagic This is a fantastic pedalboard. What's the Drunk Bitch? Cheers! It's a rehoused and heavily modded Behringer UV300. The sweep of the depth has been increased and the footswitch on the right halves the rate, so it can get really slow. Also a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember, but it sounds great.
  12. So, I'm pretty sad I couldn't finish putting it together in time for BOTB, but here it is -
  13. Behringer UV300, get in contact with a user called 'eatyourguitar' on I Love Fuzz, he'll rehouse it and do some sick mods to it for you, thats what I did
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