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  1. Guys, I don't know what happened on the other forum (nor do I care) but PLEASE don't bring drama from outside the forum in to here, ok? I like both of you guys, everyone relax. no prob here, JC. ..........but don't expect me to be friendly with UJ, ever.
  2. Jeeze, Hippy........ make no mistake, Bob, I have no respect at all for UJ. He accused me of something that is in no way true without ever talking to me about it. He let it fester for close to 5 years without me knowing he felt that way. He's a ball-less prick as far as I'm concerned. ..........and since he showed up here doing one thing he blamed me for ....... and since I'm no longer allowed in "UJ's Personal Forum" I told him what I thought here.
  3. Community, here on HC Legacy? HC is not a "community". It is a city, and like any city, it is made up of a plethora of communities, each with a vernacular of its very own. My forum, as well as a few others, predate the HC fiasco by years. They are spinoffs of some of the communities here at HC. Each was an effort to save a community existing here at HC, at a time when the forums were blacked out, almost as often as they were at full power. You've missed the point. The city is going to die, and there is little you, myself, or anyone else can do to stop it. HC's incompetent attempt at moving the city gave us a respite. The feedback forum at HC 2.0 more than adequately represents the wish to keep the legacy forum. Further attempts here are futile. Starting another forum is one of the few options left to anyone wishing to save their community, anywhere outside of HC 2.0 Another would be to find another forum that more closely satisfies one's expectations of what a community should resemble. Of course, if you wish, keep at it, but be forewarned, no one ever put out a forest fire by pissing on it. hmmmm, stickin' your nose in a thread that didn't apply to you. Seems like I've heard about that before. And as for your "MY FORUM" ...... a great little place as long as you agree with your bull{censored} completely, never step out of "your" unprinted rules, and you don't have an admin.that holds a {censored}ing grudge for five years against you ....... for reasons he made up. Yeah, great forum. {censored} YOU, UJ. You are a prick.
  4. Originally posted by JeffLeft there's a huge after-gig party that night . . . tell L5S to bring the ice bong you can count on seeing one or both of us:) I haven't been to the City in a while. I will probably go early and hit the pubs before your show:p If L5S doesn't bring his, I'll bring mine. It's Oklahoma .......... you'll figure out why we use ice bongs here:eek: (Hint: had rain today and the temps still were over 100 degrees )
  5. Originally posted by jbh Flamingo alright! Now, is there gonna be a HC guest list, or will you expect us to be 'supportive'? at least the dj should be taken care of:eek:
  6. What is the date GFE will be in Oklahoma City?? I'm going to try and make that one. I think L5S and myself will drive down for the show.
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